7 Different Types of Fabrics

7 Different Types of Fabrics

If you love shopping, you should always be a conscious shopper. Upgrade your fashion and style with the correct knowledge of fabric. Do you know what Turkish fabric manufacturers can offer you? There are various kinds of fabrics available on the market, and each one is tailored for a different kind of need. The fabric for premium clothes and sports apparel is very different in nature. Here are the seven most popular kinds of fabric that are ruling the textile industry.


Cotton is a natural fabric that is so soft and comfortable. These fabric is known for its softness, antimicrobial and breathable properties. It is an all-time favourite for making towels, bed sheets, curtains, and cushion covers. 100% cotton towels and 100% cotton bed sheets are all time-exclusive and luxurious. It gives the best experience of enjoying the finest feeling. It is used for clothing and household goods as well.

Cotton is an important fabric that is used by brands to make the best-finished products. Organic and recycled kinds of cotton are really environmentally friendly and sustainable. There are various types of normal as well as luxurious cotton fabrics like Egyptian cotton from the house of one of the leading cotton fabric manufacturers in India.


Wool is warm and soft and is used for making warm and winter woolen clothes. The furry outfits like sweaters, scarves, jackets, and mufflers that you wear during the winter are made out of wool. It is a natural fabric made from the rearing of sheep. Sheep’s wool is expensive and is most commonly used for manufacturing woolen yarn and garments.

Woolen outfits are warm and keep you cosy during the winter season. It is soft on the skin and does not become moisture-wicking or itchy if genuine 100% wool is used for woolen clothes. This is one of the naturally attained fabrics that are available on the market.


Silk is considered one of the most premium and fashionable fabrics that are used to make premium, fashionable, and luxurious garments and textiles. It is produced by the silkworm. The production of silk is very expensive, the finished goods are always high-end and luxurious. Silk fabric feels warm, elegant, and luxurious with a sheen on it.

It has a smooth texture, which is quite delicate. Luxurious garments like dresses, sarees, skirts, blouses, and tops are manufactured with silk fabric. High-end brands and textile outlets keep silk garments at an expensive price. It is one of the most popular choices among all the existing kinds of fabric.


Polyester is one of the popular fabrics that can be used to manufacture any kind of garment or outfit. It is a kind of synthetic fabric that feels more like plastic. Polyester is used for manufacturing various garments, bedding solutions, cushions, curtains, clothing, and various home décors.

It does not feel warm like silk or cotton, as it has a plastic effect on the texture of the fabric. Polyester is good for trousers and skirts, which give a satin-like feeling.


Rayon is a lightweight synthetic fibre that is manufactured from sourced cellulose, which is natural. It is made from wood pulp and is often seen as an affordable alternative to silk. Rayon material is very smooth and soft and drapes well, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Various kinds of garments and outfits are manufactured with the help of rayon material.

It is highly breathable for comfort and coziness. Various other kinds of textiles that are comfortable and absorbent. Rayon fabric is inexpensive and versatile enough to be used in the replication of cotton, linen, and silk fabrics.


Nylon is a synthetic fabric, which is not a natural one. It does not offer high breathability. Keeps your textiles from any kind of damage. The tensile strength of nylon fabric is high. They are very stretchable. They are widely used for leggings, stockings, and socks. Nylon fabric is popular for activewear and sportswear. It is 100% synthetic.


Linen is a natural fabric which is very expensive. It is made from flax, which makes it stronger. Linen fabric is used for home furnishing and garments. It is ideal to make bed sheets, curtains, sofa covers, towels, and summer garments. It is highly breathable and comes with a long-lasting effect.

Wrapping up

High-performance fabrics always give wings to home decoration and an exclusive range of garments and finishing products. Get the best quality yarn and terry cloth fabric from Trident Textile , one of the leading cotton manufacturers in India to explore a perfect range of textiles.

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