4 Safety Tips for Moving Couches and Chairs

Couches and Chairs

Moving heavy furniture like couches and chairs can be laborious and risky. If you’re not careful, you may damage your furniture or strain your back. Consider hiring local moving companies as they take safety precautions to avoid accidents. Here are tips to follow when moving your couches and chairs:

1. Make a Plan

Proper planning can prevent haste when packing and moving your furniture. This can reduce the risk of moving injuries and damages enhancing a safe moving experience. 

When planning, take an inventory of the couches and chairs you want to move and note their sizes. Identify the best exit paths to use when taking your furniture out of your current house. Measure the doors, hallways, and stairs along the intended exit path to check if your furniture can pass through. This gives you time to find alternative routes or disassemble the items.

Clear all obstacles like packing boxes or clutter from the pathways to create more room. Keep the outdoor paths free from mud and water to prevent accidents that can jeopardize moving day safety. Decide on the best order to move your belongings. You can start with the couches since they’re heavier and can occupy more space. This should leave enough room to fit the chairs in your moving vehicle.

2. Invest in Moving Equipment

Moving equipment can make work easier and reduce the chances of accidents. Here are some pieces of equipment to consider:


This flat 4-wheeled platform can make carrying heavy furniture easier. You only need to secure your furniture on the equipment and push it to your moving vehicle.

Dollies can be budget-friendly, so you can buy one from your local home improvement store. You can also rent one out from a local moving company if you don’t want to commit to owning one. When choosing a dolly, test its sturdiness. You need one that can hold the weight of your couch or chair without buckling.

Moving Straps

Moving straps distribute the weights of couches and chairs evenly as you move. They relieve the pressure on your hands and redistribute the items’ weight to other body parts. This can prevent injuries and allow you to carry your belongings over longer distances.

To make the most out of the straps, start by placing them along your chair’s legs. Slip your forearms inside the straps and carry the chairs. You can only use the straps if at least two people are moving your belongings.

Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders can help you move your couches across rooms faster and with minimal effort. They protect floors from scratches, so you won’t worry about property damage. Position them under your couches’ and chairs’ legs and slide them towards whichever direction you’re moving.

When choosing sliders, consider the type of floor in your home. Sliders with felt-like padding are suitable for hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors. You’ll need some with hard rubber or plastic padding if you have carpeted floors.

3. Disassemble the Furniture

One of the safest ways to move large or oddly-shaped furniture is by disassembling it. If you’re moving sectional couches, take the different pieces apart and carry them separately. For oversized dining chairs, you can disassemble the legs. This makes moving more manageable and can keep injuries and damages at bay. 

Call a professional to help you disassemble your furniture if you’re unsure how to do it or lack the necessary tools. 

4. Hire Local Moving Companies

Hiring a professional mover can make your move fast and less stressful, and give you time to focus on other moving tasks. They can handle everything from furniture disassembly to reassembly and enhance safety during the process. These professionals bring their moving equipment, so you won’t need to spend more purchasing them.

When choosing your moving partner, consider cost, experience, licensing, insurance, and availability on your moving day. Hire a local moving company that suits your budget and needs and has adequate moving experience.

Verify the Safety of Your Couches and Chairs

Moving heavy items like couches and chairs can cause property damages or injuries. By hiring local moving companies, you can streamline your move and enhance the safety of your belongings. These companies have the experience, right moving equipment, and observe safety measures to provide a successful move.

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