Can I Get Curly Hair Extensions?

Curly Hair Extensions

There are many options for hair extensions with different hair textures. Curly hair extensions blend well with textured, natural-curly hair. From micro-links to clip-ins, wigs, and sew-ins, there is something for everyone looking to add some extra length. Here is more information about curly hair extensions:

Types of Curly Extensions

When picking curly extensions, determine the hairstyle you want to achieve. Do you want a protective style, extra volume, extra length, or versatility? Depending on what you select, you may need a wig, clip-ins, weft hair bundles, or a keratin I-tip link.

I-tips similar to micro-links are ideal for those who don’t want tension but want extensions that offer versatility and are more permanent. Sew-in wefts are great for adding density and length.

Wigs are perfect for self-installation and are a protective style that adds length and volume. Clip-ins offer similar benefits.

Different types of curly hair have distinct features, depending on the look you want. Here is a list of curly hair types and how you can identify them:

Loose Curly

Loose, curly weaves are beneficial if you want natural loose curls. These weaves look more relaxed since they’re not too curly when installed. 
The locks resemble an S pattern. Many women trying hair extensions with curls for the first time prefer these hair types.

Kinky Curls

A kinky curl is an ideal hair type for those who want to add volume to their hair. The hair type has plenty of fluff and a texture that looks natural. 

Baby Curls

Baby curl extensions resemble the hair of a real baby when installed. The fluffy and smooth texture makes them a popular choice on the market. 

Pixie Curls

Pixie curl extensions have luxury bouncy curls with a smooth and soft texture. These extensions can either be long or short. They are great for women who want an elegant and comfortable look. 

What to Consider Before Getting Curly Extensions

Consider your curl density, pattern, and length before purchasing extensions. You need sufficient hair to add the extension wefts for a good blend. For great results, your hair should at least be at chin-length. 

The density of your hair will determine how dense the extensions will be. Knowing your hair type and curl pattern will help you choose extensions of the right density. 

You will buy the right number of bundles with the right curl pattern to match your hair. If your hair type is fine, you will need less hair and vice-versa. 

Find out your curl pattern to find the right extensions. Cut a strand of hair and use a curl pattern chart to compare the hair patterns. Curly extensions manufacturers usually specify the curl pattern making it easy for you to choose the right one for your hair. 

How Long Do Curly Extensions Last?

Quality hair needs maintenance with good products to stay in great condition. The extension can last for a bit of time, depending on how often it is worn.

Avoid using too much heat as it can wear out your extension fast. Don’t straighten the extensions as the curl patterns can weaken. Get two different extensions if you want to change your look between curly and straight. 

You can wear curly extensions every day. Remember to take them out before sleeping. If you forget, you may wake up with tension in your head. 

Best Ways to Maintain Curly Extensions

Curls require extra care because of their delicate pattern. To retain the features of curly extensions, you need to do the following:


The hair should be tangle-free before using shampoo. Use a detangling brush to detangle the extension. Avoid combing dry curly weaves.


Apply shampoo to wet hair, and don’t rub the hair together. Wash the hair in a downward direction. 

Moisturize it with conditioner. For raw hair extensions, use sulfate-free or organic hair shampoo. 


Comb the weave gently until it is tangle-free. Avoid excess tension by supporting the weave when brushing. Let the weave loose or style it in a bun. 

Look for the Best Stylist to Fix Your Curly Hair Extensions

Installation and styling of curly hair extensions require the help of a stylist. A stylist with the right training and experience will deliver great results. You can get hair extensions in a variety of styles to change up your look. 

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