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Greece is one of Europe’s attractions touristiques main places where people from all over the world come to spend their vacations and add some glance to their quality time. You would be surprised to know that there are over 6,000 islands in Greece along with historical sites, archaeological structures, and ancient themes. The sand and the tumbling in blue water sea don’t let the tours skip exploring Greece’s beauty.

Moreover, Greece’s climate always remains beautiful and makes it lively for tourists. You will go crazy when you visit Greece because its blooming nights, vibrant culture, deep beaches, and yummy cuisines have never left anyone to win their hearts. Besides the main attractions touristiques, the second most famous thing in Greece is the Greece Islands. Let’s explore the eight best tourist attraction places in Greece.


Attraction Touristiques Bests of Greece

Here, I’m mentioning the must-visits to Greece to enjoy the holidays.


1. Santorini Island

santorini island

Santorini is also known for hues of white and blue because it has a beautiful landscape view full of white and blue color cubic buildings. Santorini island belongs to the Cyclades group of Islands. Fira is the capital of Santorini. Fira and Oia are the most surprising places consisting of west coast cliff-top towns. Most newly married couples or couples looking for dramatic destination weddings choose Santorini to start their beautiful life journey.

Attractions in Santorini can be swimming and sunbathing on volcanic beaches on both the east and west coast. Santorini island has one of the most beautiful streets full of white stones where people buy memorabilia, shops, and cafes. Most blocks have been constructed as boutiques with lots of pools in a chamber.

The Santorini island has a beautiful airport to land airplanes where the ferries and catamarans serve the passengers from Athen’s port. There are unlimited beautiful hotels to stay in and enjoy musical nights and delicious cuisines. You can never get bored on Santorini island.

2. 25th Island of Greece

25th Island of Greece

25th Island of Greece is not its original name. A few days back, it has been the center of attention on social media. The real name of “25th Island of Greece” is Amorgos. So, the Amorgos is not a big island, but its popularity shows it is worth among the attractions touristiques. The astonishing fact about the Amorgos is that the people who live here speak native Greek, which is ancient, and nobody in Greece is familiar with the language except the Amorgos people.

Amorgos is also famous because of its super delicious cheese and is known as the “island of blue cheeses” and Vliopouli. You will find Amorgos, the eldest Island of Greece. People say there was an ancient temple here, but because of the sea, it could not live long and was ruined by the water. But the beauty of Vliopouli attracts tourists to spend their vacation in the peace of heaven.

The drawback is that there are no hotels to stay in the Amorgos, but you can stay with the backpacks in local guestrooms or private houses. Last few days, Amorgos has been trending on Twitter because it sounds like “Among Us,” which is catchy content for members, so they adopted it. However, if you plan to visit Greece, don’t forget to see that piece of heaven. Go there and taste their cheese!

3. Acropolis Museum of Athens

Acropolis Museum of Athens

If you want to discover Greece’s ancient history modernly, you should go to Acropolis Museum. You will find it the best tourist attractions touristiques, especially those more into account and discovery. Acropolis Museum has been structured with ultra-modern glass and steel. The world’s famous architect designed it so beautifully.

You will see the historical things from 6-century. The female sculpture figures are called caryatids, the young man statue having a calf on his shoulder called Moscophoros, and the Parthenon marbles. Not only historical things but you will also enjoy the beautiful landscape view of the Acropolis from the top of the Museum.

4. Mykonos


People think Mykonos should be the most blooming destination in Greece because it is famous for dark activities. The prime popularity of Mykonos is chic boutique hotels, Elegant seafood cafes, and musical nights. Another attraction for tourists in Mykonos is the whitewashed church named Paraportiani. Christians love to come to the Paraportiani for their religious values and Mykonos beaches.

Moreover, there are various attention-grabbing sandy beaches with both the options of by bus and taxi-boats traveling. Overall, Mykonos is not as big but attractive as the other big Islands of Greece.

5. Delphi


Delphi is the center of attention touristiques because of its religious refuge of the Greek Apollo god. It is a historical place developed in the 8th century BC. The history of Delphi is quite attractive for those with adventurous nature. So, the adventurers also visit Delphi with many new things in their minds. Delphi has a shrine of Apollo god, and the ancient theater of Delphi was built on the top of the hill with four seats. You can enjoy a straight view of Greece from the top of that theater.

6. The Towns and beaches of Crete

The Towns and beaches of Crete

Crete is one of the attention grabbers of Greece because of its never-ending beauty and the luxury range of beaches. Most people come here to spend their summer vacations. The beaches full of arc sands and the restaurants backed by arc sands are the most prominent part of Crete, where people enjoy the endless view of Greece with sea waves.

Crete is a massive Island and does not solely depend on its attention touristiques for only the beaches and seas, but a large area of Crete depends on the archeological beauty. Knossos’s most gorgeous and robust palace is one of the excellent archeological sites of Crete, located near the gratifying city of Heraklion. There are two more historical cities of Crete named Chania and Agios Nikolaos that will wholeheartedly cater to you with their endless beauty and landscape views. You will not remember to return once you have lost the picture.

7. Corfu


Corfu is one of the best in Greece. Attention touristiques fall for the Corfu because of its decent Italianate architecture. Corfu is rich in Veterans’ culture and lifestyle because the Veterans have ruled it for centuries. Discover two 16th-century fortresses and the arcaded Liston, lined with old-fashioned cafes, on its romantic pedestrian-only streets.

The island is lushly beautiful away from the main town, with rugged limestone rocks tumbling into the sea in the north and velvety green hills in the south. Paleokastritsa is the most popular beach area on the west coast, about 25 kilometers from Corfu Town. A collection of deep, curving bays shelters sand and pebble beaches that stretch into a clear blue sea. Corfu is served by an airport and ferries from the Greek mainland’s Igoumenitsa and Patras. During the summer, ferries from Ancona and Venice stop here as well.

8. Lindos


Lindos is a Gothic village on the island of Rhodes that consists of various streets in the middle of whitewashed houses. View the harbor and surrounding coastline from the top of Lindos’ Acropolis. Lindos Beach and Saint Pauls Beach are within walking distance of the city center. Attractions touristiques in Greece are top-rated and are visited by many tourists each year.

In a nutshell, “Lindos is a relaxed place that showcases the best of traditional Greece.” It has some traditional hotels, but it is best known for its villas. People come here to experience the Greek way of life. It also has sandier beaches and more scenic surroundings than the north.

9. Meteora Monasteries

Meteora Monasteries

The Thessaly Plain, where the centuries-old monasteries of Metéora cap bizarre rocky outcrops, has to be one of the most unusual things to see in Greece. Six of the monasteries on the UNESCO World Heritage list are open to the public. Each monastery is reached by climbing several flights of stone steps carved into the rocks, and inside are flickering candles, religious icons, Byzantine frescoes, and burning incense.

Opening hours vary, and seeing all six monasteries requires at least one day in the area. Kalambaka is the nearest town. Consider staying here because it is a pleasant and relaxed destination with small hotels and family-run restaurants serving traditional fare.


Attraction touristiques always fall for Greece not only because of its beauty but because it is ancient or most. Tourists from all over the globe love to explore Greece as much as possible, and Greece is the only country that caters to tourists the whole year. Greece is the favorite place for love birds, couples, and beauty lovers. People come to Greece from distances of miles to get them the best place for destination marriage. Islands and archeological sites are the most popular in Greece. Greece will be at the top whenever you plan to explore the world’s beauty.


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