Why Now Is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Cell Phone

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The average American keeps their cell phone for two to three years before upgrading to another newer device.  Although the technology for phones is slowing down a little, with the largest changes being aesthetic and in the quality of the cameras, there are still tons of reasons to upgrade your phone right now.

These are the top reasons to buy a new one: and how to make it easier on yourself!

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Release

The Apple iPhone 15 is getting released this year!  There are expected to be some major design differences that point toward the needs of most people, and many are excited to see what that means.  These phones have better cameras, a fantastic display, and come in gorgeous colors from green to pink!

This phone is highly anticipated, so we’ll have to see how well it does once it’s out to market!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is Here

This phone is by far the top Android phone of the year.  With a built-in stylus that allows you to use your phone in even more ways and a nightography camera that ensures no photo comes out poorly: you can get a lot done with the Galaxy S22.

These devices are expensive, but the price is worth everything you can do with them!

Compared to the iPhone 14, from what we know so far, this is the winner, but that can definitely change by the time both phones are more readily available!

If Your Phone Isn’t Getting Updates

With many devices, your phone won’t receive updates anymore after six years.  How old is your phone?  Without updates, it’ll begin to run slower, have trouble interacting with apps and connecting with other devices, and will generally become a headache to deal with.  

Of course, you can make some changes to allow your phone to last at least another year.  These include having the battery professionally changed out so it’ll last longer and routinely going through and deleting photos, videos, and apps that you no longer use so that you don’t have to deal with your phone aging poorly and running out of space.  

What to Do if You Can’t Afford It

New phones can be expensive!  Although you may need a new phone as soon as possible: it’s a good idea to be cautious with your finances.  Buy now pay later cell phones can be a game-changer since this purchase allows you to build your credit over time, use the new device you want, and set realistic expectations for paying it off.

You can also make a new phone purchase easier on your finances by planning to sell your current phone after you buy this new one and investing in a good case so that your new phone lasts longer and can resell for a good price.

A New Phone Can Change Everything

Whether you’re tired of your phone never keeping a charge, or you’re ready to have a phone with far more storage space: an upgrade is close in your future!  Consider getting your new device this year!

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