Factors To Consider In Finding The Best Camera Mobile

Best Camera Mobile

Mobile technology has taken massive leaps to stay at par with a professional camera owing to advanced features and progressive specifications. This has resulted in users laying more emphasis on the smartphone camera, thereby making the phone’s camera capabilities a massive selling point. It would be apt to say that smartphones have made cameras almost invisible. 

If you are in the market for the best camera mobile, OnePlus phones are undeniably in the league of camera phones which can go toe-to-toe with the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series. From the flagship OnePlus 9 Pro to the affordably-priced Nord 2, the entire range of OnePlus phones offers impeccable camera configurations.

The launch of the Oneplus 9 series marked a significant milestone in the story of Oneplus flagship phones since this includes a partnership with the iconic Swedish camera company Hasselblad which ensures a cutting-edge mobile camera experience through various software enhancements and photography modes. 

But what are the key factors driving camera performance? The below article will help highlight 7 key things you should keep in mind for a sublime photography experience. 

  • Screen size

Though this may seem obvious, the phone’s display will impact your camera experience since you will be using the screen as your viewfinder and shutter release. The bigger the screen, the more you will be able to see. Also, higher resolution is another added benefit to view images clicked with more clarity and intensity. At a starting price of Rs 39999, the OnePlus 9R equipped with a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen with 2400 X 1080 pixel resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate is quite a masterpiece. The incredible colour accuracy, FHD+ resolution and 8192 levels of brightness make viewing and clicking photographs a surreal experience.

  • Lenses

Nowadays, all smartphone manufacturers are looking to create cameras with more than one lens and triple and quad cameras are commonplace. These lenses come with different focal lengths, ensuring the output is high-quality. The OnePlus Nord 2, at a starting price of Rs 26999, comes with a rear triple-camera that can compete with flagship phones. A primary shooter with a 50 MP Sony IMX 766 sensor (like on the flagship OnePlus 9 Pro) is paired with an 8 MP ultra-wide and a 2 MP monochrome camera. The higher pixels translate into pin-sharp resolution with more zooming capability.

  • Megapixel count

A pixel is a name given to the tiny coloured dots which make up images. Generally, the rule of the thumb is that the more the camera’s megapixel count, the sharper the image. The latest OnePlus 9 Pro, priced at Rs 64,999, is one of the most talked-about camera phones due to its superior imaging capabilities and quad camera lenses. It comprises a primary 48MP Sony IMX789 lens capable of shooting in 12-bit RAW for advanced photographers and DOL-HDR for rich video. This is paired with a 50MP Ultra-wide camera IMX766 sensor with a freeform lens to eliminate edge distortion. Along with this, there’s a dedicated 8MP Telephoto lens and a 2MP Monochrome sensor.

  • Processor

A smartphone’s processor is probably one of the most underrated features, which directly impacts the smartphone’s speed, camera performance, user experience, and battery efficiency. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 is considered the gold standard in processors and is available on the OnePlus 9, priced at Rs 54,999. Combined with the Adreno 660 GPU, the processor includes brand new embellishments for better image processing.

Whether that’s capturing from three lenses simultaneously at multi-gigapixel speed with a Triple ISP or recording 4K videos with Computational HDR by integrating multiple shots into one, for the highest-quality results, this processor renders the OnePlus 9 a true trailblazer in the smartphone world.

  • Optical Image Stabilisation
    Nowadays, many phones boast enormous megapixels, but this does not automatically mean they will produce the best pictures. In-built features like Image Stabilisation give you rich image clarity by reducing the blurriness and discounting the shaking effect while capturing pictures. Companies like OnePlus extend this feature to mid-priced phones like the OnePlus Nord. This OnePlus phone, which borrows its camera from the premium OnePlus 8, comes with OIS that ensures high-definition images and videos despite being clicked by shaky hands. 
  • Shooting modes

The latest OnePlus camera phones come with multiple shooting modes, which allows you to click high-quality images across multiple settings. HDR modes allow capturing high-contrast photos eliminating glares and shadows in backlit conditions. The Xpan mode on the OnePlus 9 series phones is great for clicking wide pictures while skipping the extra effort of panning. 

  • Video quality

Producing good quality videos can be a prerequisite, especially if you are a creative entrepreneur or travel blogger. The maximum resolution of videos that can be shot differs from one camera phone to another. Most phones these days allow high-definition video recording at 4K. However, a few flagship phones like the OnePlus 9 gained an edge over their rivals by upgrading camera sensors to shoot 8K videos. This can shoot 1080p video in 30 and 60fps, 4K video in 30 and 60fps, and 8K video in 30fps. 

In short, there are multiple aspects to be looked into while purchasing the best camera mobile. When you buy the latest Oneplus phones, you can be assured of a phone that doubles up as a capable camera. And the good part is that you can now view all the best Oneplus mobiles across all price segments at the Bajaj Mall. If you find any phone going over your budget, you need not retract since the EMI scheme allows you to break the cost into smaller installments. 

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