Why Do We Need Customized Packaging For Products?

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The days when you packed your product in an inconspicuous box and sent it to your customers are long gone. It is an opportunity to educate people about your mission, your values, and the benefits of your products while engaging and captivating them at the same time. Many new trends exist in the market like custom cigar boxes wholesale, flower boxes, and many more. Whether people like it or not, the first impression is crucial. Very important. And you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Customized packaging is more than just the cardboard and other materials that are printed for your product. It is a representation of your brand. It provides an opportunity to physically connect with your customers. It means the market of custom box packaging has a bright economic future. Custom packaging is an incredibly cost-effective way to not only impress your customers but also create a lasting impression that can lead to word of mouth, social interaction, increased brand loyalty, and increased revenue.

What are the advantages of individual packaging?

Increased brand awareness and value

Product packaging not only increases brand awareness and value but can also improve the customer experience compared to standard packaging. At a time when people are looking for unique and customizable products, packaging also plays an important role. Boring and generic packaging that is not fancy or fun can put customers off and leave a lot to be desired. If you can add value to your brand through more customized packaging and better products, you will have a stronger emotional bond with your customers. This emotional attachment leads to long-term repeat business and the long-term success of the company.

Product protection

Another good example of the benefits of packaging is protecting the product itself. The main function of packaging is to hold and protect the product and ensure that it remains intact from the logistic chain to the manufacturer to the end-user. If you have a uniquely shaped or fragile product, bespoke packaging is a good option for added protection during shipping.

The last thing you want is for your product to be damaged during shipping because a standard box doesn’t fit well enough or doesn’t have the right padding. Customized packaging solutions are ideal for keeping your products safe and protected from most types of damage. There are tons of off-the-shelf packaging on the market, but they are rarely a perfect match for your product. Customized packaging is an advantage. It has been specially designed and manufactured for your product and fits perfectly with it.

Better customer experience!

Better packaging creates a better customer experience, as do the aspects mentioned above. Well-made and designed packaging attracts customers’ attention and makes them feel special. Ugly, generic, boring packaging makes you feel like you are missing something.

Types of Material used in Custom Packaging

Cardboard custom boxes

When it comes to cardboard boxes, they are like the new Nike sneakers. It is also not uncommon for boxes to have multiple corrugated layers to add strength.

Corrugated custom boxes

The light and sturdy cardboard boxes are foldable and can be laid flat when not in use. They can be stored flat when not in use and are also easy to cut and make into original shapes and structures. There are different types of cardboard boxes.

  • Sulfate Bleached Solid (SBS) boxes.
  • Coated unbleached Kraft cardboard (CUK).
  • Coated recycled cardboard.
  • Chipboard cardboard

Paper custom bags

It is for these reasons that paper bags have long been used for packaging. They are also the reason why they can be found in most grocery stores.

Rigid custom box

This type of branded packaging is used for many luxury products. Rigid boxes may be difficult for smaller e-commerce businesses to purchase, but they are definitely something to aim for.

Custom Bottles and closures

Do you ship cosmetics, lotions, creams, or other personal care products? Or do you focus on pharmaceuticals? Fulfillment Centers can also customize the labeling of your bottles.

Custom Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are generally more stable than cardboard boxes, and if they are airtight, they can preserve the quality of the food and reduce the chance of contamination.

There are five types of plastic packaging that are popular with shippers

  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Low-density polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene

Plastic custom bag

Sometimes also called pouches or plastic bags. Whatever you call it, it’s a flexible, thin plastic sheet.

Custom Foil seal bag

You have probably seen before how this packaging is used to keep coffee, cheese, ham, etc. fresh, extend shelf life and prevent bacterial contamination.

Final Words

These types of custom packaging material can be used to pack any item. No matter what product you are manufacturing, these materials can cater to all packaging stores needs of your product. You only need to choose durable enough material to hold the weight of your product. The designing process can be handled by hiring a professional.

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