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Staying healthy and fresh are two essentials of our daily routine. Only a fresh body can pose relaxing and soothing effects on the mind. We usually put more focus on our face, neglecting our whole body. The fact is, our body needs equal attention as our face. Now the question arises here: How? Well, you can take care of your body on a daily basis before, during and after taking a mild hot shower by using top-quality bath accessories. A little care never hurts, in fact, it can help you to stay healthy. Now you must be thinking about where we can get some excellent range of such products. Don’t worry ladies, I have just found this new place online named Dubai Grocers and they have everything you need. From groceries to women’s care, they have a wide range of assorted top-class products by renowned brands under one roof.

Ordering branded items from any online store are not more than a risk. One of my friends suggested that I visit because she told me about her excellent experience of buying shower gel, body mist and a perfect lotion for dry skin. I explored this store and guess what? I just saw my favorite brand ‘Bath & Body Works’ listed on their website. I couldn’t stop myself after seeing amazing products and eventually filled my cart with many essential showers and daily care products.

I have ordered women’s care products from two to three websites before but it was all a waste of money as I didn’t get the original products and from that day I decided not to buy anything before getting a good review from anyone. Even if some brand says that they are selling original and branded products, you can’t really trust them before seeing the products with your eyes. And how can I not talk about the trend of using A+ copies of different brands? 

The first thing I selected was ladies body spray and then I kept on adding the essentials.


This sassy-looking fragrance mist bottle with a tropical fusion of coconut milk, sea salt and black sand got my attention and I quickly added it to my cart. I have heard a lot about it before and apart from that I just love the coconut smell. The four shaded compact bottles, available in 88ml is easy to carry in your bag. You can use it anytime during the day. When you smell good, people get impressed.


During winters, skin gets dry and rough. Your body needs proper moisture in the form of any best body lotion. This particular body lotion with Shea Butter and Vitamin E gives you 24 hours nourishment. As the name says, it gives you a refreshing vacation-ready vibe due to the mesmerizing blend of white frangipani blossoms, toasted coconut, bergamot waters, sea salt breeze and sun-kissed musk. I have been using it for a month now after taking shower. It has made my skin super glowing and soft. Available in a 236 ml handy bottle with a sparkling label makes it way more attractive for your bathroom shelves. Do give it a try!


Along with the body lotion for dry skin, this was another investment for my dry skin. Body lotions are usually lightweight with more water content whereas body creams are a bit heavier with less water content. I prefer to keep both because sometimes only a body cream can do the wonder within seconds. But if you don’t prefer extra shine on your body, you can just use lotion. This cream has a dreamy blend of sun kissed apple, sparkling cassis, wild daisies, pink peony and fresh woods. The 8 oz. tube has a very pleasant and catchy design on it showing the start of a beautiful morning.


I am very picky about shower gels but when it comes to ‘Bath & Body Works’ I can blindly count on them. After using it for quite a while now, this is the most exotic shower gel for women I have ever smelled. The classy 3D hot pink 295 ml bottle with a golden cap gives it a very feminine look. A sweet crisp fusion of cactus flower petals, coconut and vanilla can make people go crazy for you. A secret: I use this gel every time I have to impress my husband haha.


I am a huge fan of hand gels and sanitizers with pretty-looking bottles in a compact style. The enchanting fragrance is definitely a cherry on the top. This cute little 29 ml bottle has a refreshing smell of white daisies, pink peonies and sun-kissed apples. The tiny chunks in the blue-colored gel looks absolutely stunning. It is an important part of all the bath accessories that you should keep. Above all, it is anti-bacterial and will keep you safe from germs 24/7.


After a long and tiring day from work, I opt for a hot Jacuzzi bath under a super relaxing ambiance. This 198 grams scented candle made with essential oils, dark cherry, black raspberry and merlot can create a magic in the air. Just imagine a hot bath in winter with your favorite shower gel and shampoo along with a heavenly scented candle that can make you forget all your worries. Cool right? I have experienced this ambiance after using this amazing product.

That’s all from my side. Visit and get your favorite items delivered within 96 to168 hours directly from Dubai.

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