All About Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical Industries

The pharmaceutical industry can play a vital role in boosting the economy of a nation. Pakistan has reputable and ethical pharmaceutical industries with the aim of serving people. To address the medical issues of the people, these pharmaceutical companies are leading the way with their innovations in different medical products as well as devices. As medicines and technology advance and these companies bring to market, different formulations of drugs help patients confront a variety of life-threatening illnesses.

Below are some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.

Don Valley

They have been manufacturing pharmaceutical products for over 25 years and are one of the fastest-growing companies in Pakistan focused on researching and commercializing new cures at a competitive price. They offer more than 450 products including anti-cancer, anti-infective, immunopotentiators as well as multi-vitamins. Furthermore, they ensure high-quality products at the best affordable prices. They have a global network spread in 18 countries and 123 distributors. Don Valley has been ranked 75 in the top pharma companies of Pakistan by IQVIA.  Moreover, they are the trendsetters of Penicillin in Pakistan.

Don Valley Pharmaceuticals has recently launched its healthcare division. All the products are manufactured with natural ingredients with high quality and zero adverse effects.  One of their products Citrovit -C_ Vitamin C Tablets is being used for healing of wounds, saving ones from the common cold, reducing the risk of stroke, reducing diabetic foot, enhancing iron absorption, preventing the incidence of cancer due to antioxidants as well as reducing blood cholesterol concentration.

Hilton Pharma

Hilton Pharma is another popular pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan that has been serving for over 35 years. Throughout this time, the company has appropriately improved and strengthened its pharmacological branding among pharma importers and manufacturing foundations, allowing them to earn the distinction of being the country’s fastest-growing pharma employment.  In this era of global competition, they are focused on the quality of their products and the introduction of new innovative healthcare products. This industry earned this prominent position with continuous attention to human aid development, close collaboration, and sophisticated production facilities.

GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited (GSK)

GSK has a lengthy history of investing in Pakistan and is considered one of the multinational pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan. In 1951, they became the first pharmaceutical firm to be listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. They enthusiastically carry on such a tradition of undisputed industry leaders and are included in top wholesale pharmaceutical companies. They have been providing medicines, the workforce, and vaccines to more than 200 million people in Pakistan. In addition, they have 270 registered products. In National Expanded Program on Immunization GSK shows their presence with their Rotavirus Gastroenteritis vaccine (RVGE). In the Pharma Market, GSK has a shared volume of 12%.

Pfizer Pakistan limited

Since 1959 Pfizer has been working as one of the top pharma companies towards human fitness and wellbeing. They have consistently been crucial in solving different issues and problems regarding the health of people. They produce the world’s most innovative products by using different techniques. Collectively they have 42 different manufacturing techniques. This company provides high-quality and innovative pharmaceuticals at a reasonable cost such as anti-infective, psychiatry, cardiology, malaria, coughing as well as steroidal. Moreover, they are offering their medicines and vaccines to 25 different countries and are also considered among the wholesale pharmaceutical companies.

Getz pharma

Getz Pharma, a subsidiary of the Getz Group, has a history dating back over 160 years. Getz Pharma was founded in 1995 by the Getz brothers. As they work globally so in the present time, they are working in more than 25 countries like South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa. This company is well known for its specialties in the production, testing, and low-cost high-quality medicines. Furthermore, they are an international-based research-driven and branded generic pharmaceutical company. They are one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan whose manufacturing facilities are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva.

 Bosch Pharmaceuticals limited

This company is committed to enhancing people’s lives via the creation, production, and distribution of the best pharmaceuticals. This firm was created in 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan. In 2022 this company has become one of the fastest-growing domestic top pharma companies. They are earning their name in the field of human healthcare. They are focusing on advancement in the medical field to make the world disease-free. This company is also the first pharmaceutical industry with seven independent sterile production facilities.


They established themselves in 1999 and now have acquired 20th position among top pharma companies of Pakistan. They mainly work in these four segments. Nutrition, medical devices, nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceutical. They are the settler of socially responsible marketing among Pakistan medical companies.

Ferozsons Laboratories Limited

One of Pakistan’s first pharmaceutical companies in Lahore is Ferozsons Laboratories Limited. They have been serving the nation for the last 72 years. Also, they are listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange. This company is playing a leading role in international agreements in the USA. They have set up a world-class biotech-compliant facility. Furthermore, they have a domestic license to produce generic Gilead drugs that are HCV-licensed. They are the representatives of Boston Scientific Corporation in different areas of cardiology, electrophysiology, endoscopy, and urology.

Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited

This is a Pakistani publicly-traded pharmaceutical industry that was established on July 2, 1948, and its shares are traded on the Pakistan stock exchange. They mainly do production, promote research-based medications, healthcare, and medical testing. They are well known for their innovative packaging and shipping methods that make them appropriate for their transportation in small villages where people need them more.

Master pharma

Master Pharma is measured as the best pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan that has been working for over 30 years. They have an outstanding reputation for quality as they are ISO certified. Moreover, they have been ranked in the top 5 manufacturing companies by volume. They have an effective regulatory system and governance structure. They offer several advanced dosage forms like topicals, inhalers, ampules, and vials.

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