Top 5 Essential Tips To Clean Your Air Conditioner Vents 


So, you are crazy about keeping your home neat and clean. And you work on it regularly, right? What about the hidden dust in your home? Do you even know about it? The air conditioner vents in your home can collect a lot of dust and debris that can circulate throughout your abode if you are not cleaning them regularly. They can also affect the air quality within your home. That’s why it is crucial to clean the air conditioner vents regularly, based on their frequency of getting dirty. But how do you clean them is the main question. Here’s a simple DIY guide that can help you with the process. 

Remove the Air Conditioner Vents, Vacuum Ducts, and Dust Off the Vents 

It is easy to pull off the vents of an air conditioner. But if the process is getting difficult for you, use a screwdriver for removing the vents. Take them off and place them aside. Most probably, your ducts will hold a lot of dust and dirt. So, it makes sense to run your vacuum hose here. 

Try to remove as much dirt and dust from the ducts as possible. Avoid going too deep into the air conditioner ducts as you might not be able to repair any damage. And there’s also no reason to clean the entire duct at this point. Instead, clean the area close to the vents. 

Now use a good quality duster for getting rid of extra dirt and dust off the ceiling vent. Throw off all this dust in a trash bin without letting too much of it out in the air. The best is to dust off the vent in a garbage container. Thus, it does not fly up in the air or up to your nose. 

Soak the Vents in Soapy Water 

Get a good amount of warm water and prepare soapy water by mixing some dish soap. Ensure the water has lots of lather in it by using sufficient soap for making the water. You can prepare soapy water in a bathtub. But, in case you do not have a bathtub, it’s OK to use a bucket or washbasin for this purpose. 

Now soak the air conditioner vents in this soapy water for at least 15 minutes. This is a crucial step because this is where the actual cleaning takes place. Soaking them for more than 15 minutes is not necessary. If you do so and if your vents are made using non-stainless steel or iron, they might rust. 

Soaking the vents in soapy water will help remove any gunk or grease that further allows dust and debris to collect on the air vents. Make it a point to follow this critical step if you do not want your vents to get dirty just after some time. 

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Dry the Vents and Put Them Back 

Putting the vents back into the air conditioner is as simple as taking them off. Nevertheless, the process can be a little difficult if you handle ceiling vents. It’s okay if the vents are a bit wet even when placing them back on. This will not cause any problems with the HVAC system. 

But use towels to get the vents as dry as possible, so you do not have to worry about any issues with your HVAC system later on. 

Clean or Replace the Air Filters 

Clean filters in air conditioning units reduce energy use by 5 % to 15%. However, dirty and clogged filters obstruct the flow of air resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of your air conditioner. 

Air bypassing the filter generally carries dirt into the unit’s evaporator coil, thus reducing its potential of absorbing heat. This makes the air conditioning unit run warmer and utilize more energy. 

If you clean or even replace the filters once a month, it will help prevent dust and dirt from entering the air conditioner and contaminating the air conditioner vents. But unfortunately, the blend of moisture and dirt can create the ideal breeding ground for mold and other pathogens. 

Clean and reuse the filters easily in some ducted air conditioning units, while there are others where a replacement is necessary. This requires checking the instruction manual you got with the unit. If you are replacing the filters, ensure using the ones with high efficiency specified by the manufacturer. 

Replacing or cleaning your air conditioner’s filters every month or two is essential, especially during the summers. You must make this a routine if your unit is in regular and constant use.  

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Clean the Return Air Conditioner Vents 

Get hold of the return vents in your air conditioner and check them periodically to ensure nothing is covering them or blocking the airflow. Toys, paper, and furniture are common impediments to airflow in your home. 

Do you have a dusty home or pets at home? Then unscrew and remove the covers, dust, and vacuum inside the air conditioner vents and place them back. This will keep the ducts clean. 

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The Bottom Line 

Air conditioner vents are generally not considered the culprits for allergens and dirt, but they can cause various problems in your house. Therefore, follow the tips mentioned above to keep them clean and devoid of allergens, dust, and debris, and the air within your home nice, pure, and clean. And, if these tips fail to clean the vents, opt for a reputed AC service.  

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