Repairing the Car AC: How to Identify the Problem Correctly?

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Summers are practically impossible to cross, without a fully functioning air conditioner when living in Dubai, a metropolis city. To combat the severe heat waves, humid and extreme temperatures, AC needs to keep functioning well. Nevertheless, these have grown to become as important as the engine itself. While there might be many people out there who may disagree with this statement, yet never look forward to encountering any AC problem. A working air conditioner provides your escape from the prickling and severe summer heat.

However, breakdowns commonly happen. There is no stopping to it, instead one needs to look at the reasons behind this shortcoming. Since there can be a myriad of possibilities involved, owing to the complexities of the mechanical system under the hood, it is better to head off to any auto repair shop. These experts can handle all the car problems and eliminate them using their expertise.

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Nevertheless, the car owner needs to identify the signs signaling the need to get the air conditioner repaired. Here is a look at some of them in detail:

Inadequate Airflow

The inadequate airflow of the air conditioner is a clear demonstration that there is something wrong with it. Upon cranking up the AC, the driver will notice very weak airflow of the cold air compared to the normal days. This is your call to make the repairs and maintenance before the problem worsens.

The underlying reason behind it can be a result of the clogged expansion tube, broken compressor/evaporator, failed fuse, or switch. There can also be certain other reasons at play and one should better leave it to the car mechanic to care for the problem. The degree of repair largely depends on the factor causing it, therefore, make sure to pay a timely visit to the mechanic and stay away from incurring major costs.

Loud Noises

Loud noise is a clear indication of some problem. In the case of the air conditioner, it generally results from a faulty compressor. It gives loud noises when switched on and working. Just like how accessories accompany the working process, the compressor works in a similar manner. Consisting of smaller elements, they team up to deliver the cool air. Generally speaking, when any of these smaller elements break, it tends to make all sorts of loud voices.

Since it is a technical task, it is best assured to leave it to the assistance of the car expert. Their knowledge and insight can best help car owners in tackling and eliminating the root cause.

A signal from the Odor

Odors are clear signals and often quite stronger than words. It is one of the most repulsive things that a failed AC can witness. From opening the car and sitting in, if you smell any strong, pungent, or moldy, take heed. This might be coming from the dirty and worn-out cabin air filters. If it is the case, make sure to get the air filters cleaned right away.

Ignoring the maintenance of air filters can result in inhaling the moldy air, and end up with breathing problems. Therefore, regular maintenance checks at a repair shop can eliminate the build-up of the mold and other problems too. Therefore, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all those who are driving. With that, it also ensures maximizing fuel optimizations.

Water Puddle

In times, when the AC is not functioning properly, one might witness a water puddle underneath the car. This is normal and directly relates to the perfectly healthy AC system. But the trouble starts when you see water inside the cabin. The condensed water from the evaporator drains into the cabin due to a clogged drainpipe. The water inside the car that accumulates, can do substantial damage to the vehicle’s electrical system. Posing a possible shock hazard is common. And remains in the best interest to get it checked by the AC repair Dubai mechanic as soon as possible.

Doesn’t Work

When you turn on the air conditioner, the blower produces air but not chilly air. The compressor clutch is not moving as a result. The clutch on the compressor allows the pulley to engage and disengage from engine power, allowing the compressor to turn only when necessary. This clutch can seize, causing the compressor to remain activated indefinitely. Or it can break, preventing the compressor from receiving engine power.

Wrapping up

The AC works to improve the comfort of your ride. A monthly car maintenance check-up is essential for keeping your A/C system in good working order. It also prevents the occurrence of long-term and more serious damage. The A/C system should be serviced and thoroughly checked at least once a year. After all, prevention is preferable to cure.

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