Landing Page: 11 tips to generate conversions by focusing on the User Experience

Creating a landing page to promote a product / service can be a good starting point for a web marketing strategy,  but how can you better communicate your message and drive conversion?

To avoid your landing page not working or worse looking like a spam page, focus on improving the user experience  and you will increase the number of conversions .

1. Create a minimal landing page

The design of a  should be clear and simple so as not to confuse visitors.

A simple, eye-catching design has a better chance of generating conversions than a cluttered, element-filled page.

2. Think like a user

This is the first thing you need to do when creating a new landing page. Before you get started with page design and formatting, think about your target audience.

  • Who is your audience?
  •  What’s the best way to get your message across?
  • How will the product benefit the public?
  • What will make users subscribe to the service offered?
  • How can you increase the conversion rate?

All of these questions can help you better understand your audience and create a perfect landing page that meets their needs and doesn’t disappoint company expectations.

Even if they have never heard of your product / service, if you are able to analyze their online behavior, you are well on your way to creating an effective landing page.

3. Use simple language

Don’t underestimate the importance of content when creating a landing page. In the online world, visual content tends to prevail, but written content will always be very important. There is no need to use technicalities, or complex language that risks turning users away from your site.

Once again you will have to think like a user:

  • formulate the message
  • read it aloud
  • focuses on the clarity of the content

If you can’t explain your idea to users in an easy way, then rethink your message.

4.Ask the user as little information as possible

If there is a subscription form, or subscription to a newsletter, it is essential that they are user-friendly to ensure the success of the landing page.

People are wary of sign-up forms and providing their personal data, so be sure to ask only for what is strictly necessary. Find a reason to get users to trust you, no matter if with a reward or an engaging landing page, but reciprocate the trust by ensuring a quick and easy registration process

5. Create an impactful Call-To-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) must contain the message you want to convey, in the most captivating way possible, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Also, you can check the landing page for math calculations like factorial of 100. It’s not always easy to do this without trying first, so experiment with different effects like the colors, shapes, sizes and fonts of your call-to-action.

6. Focus on engaging design

An engaging landing page design will help place the message in a spot that grabs the user’s attention.

This increases the chances of a simple visit becoming a contact, while a simple psychological hookup for the user can facilitate the process.

Even the use of colors can affect the user’s psychology, that’s why you must never underestimate their needs when creating a landing page: the content of one must reassure users about their values, their needs, their importance, their their personalities, and also about the time spent on your site.

7. Make use of visual elements suitable to support your landing page

Visual content can significantly increase the appeal of a landing page, as long as it is meaningful and supported by the right textual content.

Remember that there is no reason to fill a landing page with images just to make it more appealing. Again, simplicity is appreciated by users, and visual content only helps increase conversion rate when they can:

  • support the landing page message by making it clearer
  • explain the product / service with a video of a few minutes, or an infographic
  • show concrete examples
  • increase user engagement

8. Optimize your landing page for mobile

Optimization for mobile should be a priority for every landing page: in fact, 48% of users who visit a page not optimized for mobile perceive this experience as a lack of interest from the company.

As the number of users who use mobile devices for online searches continues to increase, 83% ask for the same browsing experience on all devices, considering it decisive for the overall impression on the page. More and more users are accessing a page from their smartphone and want to have the same accessibility from all devices.

What would happen if a user accessed your landing page from a smartphone to learn more about your product / service and had difficulty finding the call-to-action due to poor design?

When designing for mobile, you need to focus on the user and the user experience,  perhaps starting from a captivating and engaging page.

After all, Google itself is making several updates for the mobile including, soon, the speed of a page as a determining factor. This means that optimization for mobile will become more and more important and it will be necessary to focus on simple, clear pages with the right content.

9. Solve a problem. Explain how you did it.

People visit a landing page to learn more about a product or service. However, the visit won’t last long if you don’t convince them of the real quality of your product / service.

The ways and language of direct selling don’t work online, so it’s time to inform your audience about your services and the benefits they are capable of delivering.

Every landing page and its product should aim to solve a problem and, more importantly, it needs to be explained how it will actually solve it:

  • If the message is not clear for either the solution offered or the method, then the conversion rate will not reach the desired levels.
  • If, on the other hand, there is a brief explanation by points, a video, or a graphic, your landing page could be able to attract the public by showing its quality and the reasons why they should subscribe.

10. Remove navigation

There is no need to include a navigation bar on your landing page if you are looking to turn a visitor into a customer.

A 2013 study found that only 16% of landing pages lack navigation bars, although having a navigation bar has been proven to negatively affect conversion rate.

Why make the user’s visit short or complex by using an additional menu? The time has come to remove possible distractions and verify the results.

11. Eliminate distractions

Distractions can be everywhere and as our attention span decreases, it becomes more difficult to focus on a single page for more than 5-10 seconds.

This makes it harder for a landing page to grab a user’s attention, which is why the page design shouldn’t contain any distractions if you want to get leads.

Whether it’s a banner, pop-up, menu, or link, make sure your page design isn’t preventing you from achieving the goal: turning visitors into customers.


If you want to get ideas for your landing page, here are some concrete examples that give the right creative inspiration to achieve all the objectives that a landing page should serve

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