Top 5 Differences Between Commercial And Residential Painting Services

Commercial And Residential Painting Services


A lot of people harbour the impression that residential painting is the same as commercial painting. This is at all not the case. If you think that painting is painting, you’re wrong. We discuss the top 5 differences between residential and commercial painting services in this blog to make the distinction clear to you.

Commercial V/S Residential Painting

With commercial painting, the contractor applies fresh paint coats to apartments, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, as well as hospitals. Contractors of commercial painting have different project sizes to consider, with larger tasks requiring more workmen, more equipment as well as a probable 24-hour shifting job to get the project completed on time.

On the other hand, residential home painting offer you the service of painting the interiors and exterior of your home. For this, both the exterior and interior surfaces need to be prepared, and for a residential project, lesser workmen are required as compared to professional commercial painters. Additionally, residential painting services extend to painting shelves, cabinets as well as trims.

Residential painting services and commercial painting are two very different services and they have their own specialists. With commercial buildings, there is huge square footage to cover in uniform paint and not disturb the employees, inventory and also the customers who may be present in the building. This needs tact and planning. With residential painting, there are different sets of challenges. The method of painting including the colour choice will have a deep effect on the final and finished project.

Main Differences Between Residential And Commercial Painting

  1. Project Size:You can judge by the scope of the project as to which kind of service you need, residential or commercial. Examples of a residential project are painting houses, condominiums, as well as country houses and other different living spaces that need colour and pop. With residential painting, there is the possibility of the entire home being painted, or specific sections of it, like the interior or the exterior. It is even possible that only a few items will be painted in a residential painting project and for this, the rates will vary with house painters in MelbourneWith commercial painting, the focus is on large projects that require a uniform hand in painting. Examples of commercial painting projects include painting shopping malls, petrol stores, retail stores, large manufacturing plants, executive offices, as well as large businesses where there are employees present nearly all the time. Even airport painting is a subset of commercial painting.

With the size of the project, the number of workers on the job will vary. If it is a large commercial building, it will need a dedicated team of painters working on different sections of the building to achieve a uniform finish, both on the exterior as well as in the interior. Professional contractors who specialise in commercial painting have all the expensive tools at their expense, along with the people to use them so that deadlines can be met.

  1. Equipment And Materials Used:When a residential painting contractor, the focus is on small jobs mainly. For this sole reason, the equipment they use is basic painting equipment you could find at a paint store. These include things like rollers, paintbrushes, drop cloths, painting trays, as well as step ladders. Even the cleaning materials used on site are ones you can source on your own. However, procurement is easy, execution is not, so rely on professional residential painters with experience in interior painting and exterior painting to carry out the painting job at your home. Paint types used in residential projects focus on expressiveness, décor and the architecture of the building, for which there are a wide variety of paints available. There are three types of them- oil-based paint, water-based paint and latex-based paint.

With commercial painting, the painters have experience with various surfaces like concrete, wood, RCC, reinforced plastic, metals, and many more. They will use quite complex equipment to carry out the job. Expect pressure washers, paint sprayers, sandblasters and aerial lifts besides scaffolding. Commercial painting requires experience with industrial grade and commercial grade paints, tints, primers as well as other kinds of paints that act as specialty coatings.

  1. Kind Of Service Provided:Commercial painting services supersede residential painting in the fact that they offer a lot of different services over and above what a residential painting contract could offer. Commercial painting services include the following:
  • Concrete repair of the ceiling
  • Roof coatings
  • Coatings with high durability like latex coatings
  • Brick waterproofing
  • Painting metal doors
  • Line striping
  • Stencilling
  • Masonry coating
  • Waterproof coatings
  • Sealing of joint expansion

Typical residential services for painting with professional painters include:

  • Painting the interior and exterior of the house
  • Drywall and plaster repair
  • Painting of cabinets
  • Garage painting
  • Deck/Fence painting and staining
  • Removal and hanging of wallpaper
  1. Scheduling:When you are painting your house, generally the painters have the run of the place and can proceed with speed. This is not the case with commercial painting as it has to fit in with the opening and closing hours of the commercial building. The schedule of the employees has to be worked into the action plan. Most businesses will prefer to stay open while the painting is done, every day without sales is a wasted day. Professional painters will have to work around the customers while ensuring that the business is not inconvenienced in any way.


  1. Experience And Risk Factors:The residential painting environment is safer than the commercial painting one. Experienced residential painters can walk you through the choice of colours and shades that will look good. Additionally, they are well trained to protect other things in the house like carpets and furniture. Commercial painters, even experienced ones, have to maintain safety during working on a commercial building. There are many moving parts in a commercial painting project which requires skilful expertise to pull off without hitches. Proper safety equipment I mandatory for commercial painting projects while for residential painting, a harness may be required for just painting the roof.


The fundamental differences between residential and commercial painting need to be kept in mind when you are looking at painting either of the two. Each has its pros and cons so you should hire wisely so that you get value for money as well as a good job done.

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