Let Things Happen Naturally

Dark Joseph Ravine

Says Dark Joseph Ravine

Often people exert effort to make things work out as they wish them to.  Why is it that many of us believe that force is the way to achieve our goals? We may be self-driven people who chase our goals and our dreams, which is admirable. But sometimes, we may want certain things so badly that we would do everything in our power to obtain them.  There will be times that we cannot achieve our goals even when we apply excessive amounts of force. Dark Joseph Ravine is a firm believer that whatever is meant for us to have, we will have, and it will not require too much pressure or hard work on our part. Ravine, who owns the online store Kindness for Success, discusses why using too much force when looking to achieve goals is a common mistake we’re all likely to make throughout our lives which can result in acquiring misery and dissatisfaction rather than success.

Ravine shares that trying to force any outcome is destructive not only to the self but also to society. He says, “I have always wanted things in my life that I was never able to get and I would do everything I could to get it. There were times that I exerted excessive force and bad things happened, and I suffered as a result. It was then that I realized I was making a big mistake. At the time, I was disappointed at not achieving my goals. Today, I am so happy that I went through these experiences because I learned the greatest life lesson. We can set out to make things happen using our own human effort, but whatever was not meant to be for us will never be for us. Our efforts may just be in vain. Therefore, why not take life in stride instead of being forceful? We should aim to live one day at a time and know that whatever happens will be for the best.” When we allow life to take its natural course rather than attempting to manipulate the outcome by using pressure, we will experience more positive results.

In Ravine’s opinion, force can be a negative thing which can cause damage in the future. He says, “Basic psychology dictates that when we are continuously making a request from other people, they are more likely to turn us down. Therefore, chasing other people attempting to have them give in to us is wrong. The more we want something, the less likely we are to achieve it. Much of the time when we are not looking to achieve a certain outcome, we will find that we are more likely to reach our goals.” When we want something badly, we may not realize the people we are hurting along the way in our quest to achieve that which we desire. We also become more intriguing as people when we are not afraid to do our own thing and allow nature to take its course. More people will be drawn towards us and will want to be affiliated with our energy. Ravine has embraced the natural flow of life and encourages everyone to do so, as well.

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