10 Outdoor Activity Ideas That You Can Enjoy With Your Grandparents

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Our older loved ones should live an active and cheerful lifestyle because they deserve to. That said, the idea of a fun-filled life would be incomplete without including the breath of fresh air and rays of sunshine that the great outdoors provides.

Fortunately, there are fun activities suitable for older adults to engage in outside their homes at every time of the year. In addition to being great for physical health, these outdoor pastimes also offer good socialization opportunities to older adults.

It is essential for your older folks to make new friends and forge new social connections, and spending time in the open air helps with that.

Apart from meeting new people, your grandparents need to maintain existing relationships as well, including their connections with you. And taking time to enjoy fun outdoor activities together is a great way to keep in contact with them.

Seasons Retirement, a reputed retirement community in Canada, ensures their residents lead fun lives by encouraging participation in outdoor recreations.

Using our list of outdoor activity ideas below, you can begin to prepare to have a great time with your older loved ones in nature. Read more about other exciting open-air activities for older adults.

1.   Picnics

Picnics may be old-fashioned, but they remain an excellent means of spending quality time with your loved ones. This activity becomes more appealing when you realize that you don’t have to put in too much effort to set it up.

Before you set out, you will need a basket of various food options and a couple of comfort items like blankets, paper towels, etc.

Now, picking a location for the picnic shouldn’t be much trouble, as a place with a hint of nature like a park or even your grandparents’ backyard will suffice.

Additionally, you can switch things up by inviting some friends and relatives on the outing, as exciting conversations are likely to crop up in such an atmosphere.

2.   Gardening

Gardening is a popular mindfulness exercise for adults, and it requires full attention and focus. This activity provides an opportunity for your older folks to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, while they keep busy.

Your loved ones don’t need an ample space or a big plot to set up their beautiful garden. In fact, horticultural plants can be nurtured in a small yard, window boxes, or even flower pots.

Furthermore, gardening presents a form of reward system. After all, one is bound to feel a sense of accomplishment when their plants bloom, especially after putting a lot of effort into grooming them.

Being in the company of shrubs and plants exudes a sense of calm. So, your grandparents will undoubtedly enjoy caring for their beautiful flowers and herbs, and you can always join in the experience now and then.

3.   Walking

Walking is one of the fun activities for seniors to stay active. It is even more delightful when they engage in this pastime with friends and family.

Going on walks will help improve the cardiovascular health of your loved one. Also, enhanced fitness levels, strengthened muscles and bones, and controlled bodyweight are other health benefits of regular walking in adults.

Also, walking is an effective way for your grandparents to get some fresh air while absorbing a good amount of vitamin D from the early morning sun.

4.   Fishing

Fishing is an exciting recreation for older adults. It requires little physical effort, so you can be sure that your older loved ones will enjoy it.

Moreover, fishing is an activity that offers some time and a suitable atmosphere for grandparents to bond with their grandkids.

So, if you wish to create lasting memories with your older loved ones, fish hunting is a perfect activity to try out.

5.   Playing sports

Sports are also fun outdoor activities for adults that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Alongside its several health benefits, playing sports is an exciting way for your loved ones to spend their leisure time.

Sporting activities promote socialization amongst older people. Being part of a sports team, for instance, helps your grandparents relate more with people of similar interests, thereby alleviating any sense of loneliness.

However, your loved ones need to consult their doctor before engaging in any sport as a precautionary measure.

6.   Attend sporting events

For different reasons, playing sports might not be suitable for your grandparents. However, they can still enjoy sporting activities as supporters.

So, going to the field, track, or court to watch a sporting event with your older folk is one of the best outdoor activity ideas. It presents an opportunity to have fun and create happy memories with them, especially when the game ends in a win for your preferred team or player.

7.   Photography

Photography is a beautiful outdoor hobby for people of all ages. Although this activity might require some level of expertise, you don’t have to be a pro to handle a camera.

You can set out with your grandparents, helping them find the perfect scene or moment to photograph. Then, you can begin taking snaps with them.

Snapping beautiful images could even be coupled with other fun activities like bird watching.

Photography is an excellent form of art and a unique way for your older folks to express themselves.

8.   Fruit picking

Spending time in nature with a loved one will always be exciting, but the idea of picking fruits makes it even more attractive.

Fruit picking is one of the most rewarding recreational activities for seniors. Moreover, it counts as a form of light exercise for older people and, if done in groups, can be so much fun.

9.   Jogging

Speaking of light workout activities for adults, jogging is a perfect option. Jogging is a simple yet effective exercise, and it has several long-term health benefits.

You can encourage your grandparents to join in whenever you want to jog. However, before you do so, ensure that you have their doctor’s permission to participate in the exercise.

10. Traveling and sightseeing

Traveling to a new place is a terrific way to spend quality time with your grandparents outside their homes.

You and your loved ones can even take advantage of your new environment to visit fancy restaurants and catch unique sights in the area.


Recreational activities are beneficial to the general well-being of adults. Apart from creating opportunities for older folks to socialize, these outdoor pastimes will help ensure that they live fun-filled and happy lives.

You can take a cue from the aforementioned outdoor activity ideas to find the perfect recreation activity for yourself and your grandparents.

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