Investing in the correct garden room not only ensures a lifetime of enjoyment but also increases the value of your home. The entire floor space of livable accommodation inside a plot’s perimeter is used by estate agents to determine its value. Every Hawksbeck Garden Room features a building regs certificate, making it a habitable space that can be factored into your home’s price. Garden room planning permission usually does not require.

Can a garden room add a second income?

A garden room’s worth isn’t limited to the extra square meters it adds to your home; it may also add a second source of income. At Hawksbeck, we’ve developed garden rooms enabling clients to rent out on sites like Airbnb.

Another essential reason for having a garden room constructed to building code requirements is for this reason. Building requirements are necessary by law if you wish to have people sleep in your garden room. For your peace of mind, know that your family, friends, and Airbnb guests are sleeping in a secure structure that has been certified by an impartial construction inspector.

What do the experts say?

We met with Nicki Treffers, Beresfords Group’s Director of Marketing and New Business, who said:

“We’ve observed a considerable growth in the number of people who prefer garden rooms at Beresfords.” We urge clients to pick a reputable provider, such as Hawksbeck, and to have their garden room built to building regulations; this not only assures a lifetime of enjoyment but also adds value to their home if they decide to sell. We consider the whole liveable area when valuing your home at Beresfords, and a garden room built per building regulatory requirements is recognized as liveable space.”

The garden room adapts to your life

Your customer will be free to use the area for whatever they want, whether you install a garden room as an addition, gym, or modern garden office. Hawksbeck Garden Rooms are intended to endure a lifetime and are easily adaptable to a variety of functions.

Size doesn’t matter, all garden rooms add value.

A well-designed garden room enhances the value of your home. The beauty of a garden room is that it can be used in a variety of ways. You may use it as an office, but it might also be used as a playroom, gym, or guest room by someone interested in purchasing your property. Everyone requires a location aside from their primary residence.

What exactly is the value a garden room adds?

The average cost for the property sold in Greater London in 2018 was £5,131 per square meter, according to the Halifax Home Value Per Square Metre Survey. So, if you built a 20sqm garden room, you might increase the value of your home by £102,620. And, with a 20sqm Hawksbeck Garden Room beginning at around £29,999 (including VAT, foundations, and Building Regulation Approval), you’re getting more than a threefold return on your investment!

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