m curl lash extensions: what you need to know! 

m curl lashes

You’ve undoubtedly heard much about m lash extensions lately, and you’ve seen many pictures of artists and customers embracing this new fad on social media. I’m confident it won’t take long for this unique and different curl to win over your heart.

It has a distinctive bend and is distinct from other curls used in the lash business, such as L or L+.

How Do m Curl Lash Extensions Work?

  • M lashes have a straight base that isn’t overly long and a strong curve that doesn’t kink at the end. M has a beautifully smooth transition, unlike eyelashes like L or L +.
  • It has a lovely lifting impression due to the dramatic curve that it makes without being overly coiled.
  • Working with M-Curl eyelash extensions is not difficult if you follow a few straightforward instructions. You should consider a few factors if you want the best possible outcome.

What Shapes Work Well With m Curl Lash extensions?

The adaptability of m Lashes to fit all eye shapes is one of the factors contributing to their popularity. 

Especially hooded eyelids, which can be concealed, and even droopy eyes, which are simple to elevate. M Lashes can elevate the appearance of deep-set, tiny, or even Asian eyes. Close-set eyes can create even the appearance of wide-set eyes

The good news is that you may utilise this particular curl to conceal flaws and make the appearance of open looks.

Is it simple to work with m Curls lashes?

m lash extensions are effortless to the fan, believe it or not! Of course, your choice of tweezers, the fibre quality and the stickiness of the strip where our extensions were attached are equally important factors. m Lashes can be used to create a doll, cat, and squirrel eyes, among other styles and effects.

When applying M Lashes to natural lashes, pay close attention to the direction. 

  • The extensions should all be positioned in the same order and parallel to one another to avoid making the design appear cluttered or with too many crisscrosses.
  • You can use precise, narrow-volume fans to create a dark, thick effect.

Can m Curls Be Mixed?

You may always combine m Lashes with other everyday curls. I suggest using B or C. I like to start with m Lashes and then C in the inner corner. To get the appropriate look, however, you should pay close attention to the direction of the client’s natural lashes.

It’s acceptable, to begin with, longer lashes in the inner corner if you want to use m lashes throughout the entire eye. Even somewhat longer eyelash extensions, like 8mm, won’t appear to droop in the inner corner because of the lifting impact of the unique bend.

When dealing with m lash extensions, I promise that you and your clients will quickly become addicted to these gorgeous curls. Once you see their full potential and how to apply you’ll become as enamored with them as I am.

M-Curls will quickly replace extensions as a salon needs, and lash artists everywhere cannot get enough of them!

Who Would Make a Good m lash extensions Person?

With m Curl, pretty much everyone will look beautiful, but clients with straight lashes will notice the most significant changes. The straight lashes and the straight base will stick together effectively. 

Any person with downward-pointing lashes is the only one for whom m Curl might not be the greatest. Use the m Curl on a client whose eyes are downturned since the bend-up will raise the end of the eye. However, unlike the C Curl, the m Curl won’t extend too far out and make the back of the eye appear to droop.

How different are m curl lash extensions from other lashes?

The sister of the well-liked L Curl, the m Curl raises with more bend than the L Curl and has a straight base for flush attachment. The new M Curl’s and D Curl’s curves are comparable. Does everything here remind you of algebra? Check out the differences in our curl chart below!

When is the m curl inappropriate to use?

We wouldn’t suggest the m curl for people whose natural lashes tip very downward. It may be more prone to tangle in its bottom lashes with the straighter base, which could obstruct the eye.

m lash extensions advantages

1.Unexpectedly, M Curl lashes are pretty simple to apply and maintain. When applying for eyelash extensions, your tools and the fiber quality will also be necessary, although that goes without saying. They can be used for various looks and mixed with different lashes. If you and your client want the appearance, you can also use M Curl to cover the entire eye.
2. As we previously indicated, m lash extensions look excellent on most people, but you want to ensure you apply them all in the same direction to prevent them from crossing over. That is a recipe for disaster!
3. We almost promise that once you start applying these lashes to your clients, you’ll get addicted! It’s clear to understand how this fad started, given how easy it may be to use and how wonderful it looks on everyone. Get out there and start using M Curl Lashes to give those cat eyes some drama!


m lash extensions are distinctive eyelash extensions that have a lovely curl. M Curl lashes are more bent and have a curl that is more akin to a D Lash. Consider L Lash but without the transitional kink. They are simple to apply because of their straight base. As we previously discussed, M Curl’s lashes look fantastic on everyone. However, you want to ensure you use them all in the same direction to prevent them from crossing over. That will only lead to chaos! 

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