7 Types Of Car Insurance Coverage Explained

Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance that ideally fits all your requirements is a task in itself. One needs to carry out adequate market research and policy comparison to pick out the right insurance plan. However, with technological advancements, the application and car insurance renewal process has become more simplified and effortless. You can opt for best-selling insurance plans like Bajaj Allianz and ACKO. The ACKO insurance renewal can be done easily online. There are different types of car insurance plans available. To help you get a brief insight on the same, here are the seven types of insurance coverage. Read to know more!

1. Liability coverage insurance:

Liability coverage insurance is mandatory third-party liability insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act. It takes care of the repair and replacement costs of the third-party damage and comes to the rescue when you get involved in accidents. This liability coverage insurance also takes care of the legal liabilities incurred by the accident. It is advisable to do a timely car insurance renewal to keep your policy from getting lapsed. Moreover, the ACKO insurance renewal provides various facilities and benefits to the policyholders. 

The following benefits of this coverage are:

  • Covers the third-party medical bills due to hospitalization
  • Vehicle owners should choose liability insurance premiums higher than the mandatory requirement for maximum risk coverage.
  • If you opt for the high sum assured, you will not want to pay the amount when the policy limit gets exhausted.

2. Collision coverage insurance:

The collision coverage insurance takes care of the repair charges of your car by the insurer. While taking the insurance or doing car insurance renewal, the policyholder must decide the policy coverage depending on the car’s age. The insurer will reimburse the market value if the repair cost exceeds the demand value of the vehicle. Moreover, if you are looking for the best car insurance company or renewal, the ACKO car insurance renewal provides various benefits to its users. It is one of the most popular car insurance plans in the market, that you can consider buying for yourself. 

The following benefits of this coverage are:

  • The insurance company will pay the current market value of the vehicle in case the repair cost exceeds. 
  • The vehicle’s age determines the collision coverage premium.
  • If there’s a lien on your cars, buy collision coverage insurance. 
  • The collision coverage can be as low as possible for old automobiles. 

3. Personal Injury coverage insurance:

Personal injury coverage insurance takes care of all personal injuries. The car insurance renewal for personal injury coverage covers medical bills and expenses of injured drivers and passengers. Even critical and major injuries are covered under this plan. The customer can also get a well-suited remuneration amount. Moreover, the ACKO insurance renewal offers various benefits to users. 

The following benefits of this coverage are:

  • Personal injury coverage covers various risk factors
  • The insurance company will pay medical bills, regardless of whose fault. 

4. Uninsured Motorist Protection coverage insurance:

In case your car gets involved with the other vehicle which does not have any insurance cover, you need to bear all the repair expenses out of your funds. Here this car insurance renewal comes to the rescue. Moreover, the ACKO insurance renewal provides quick and hassle-free online renewal. If this plan fits your requirement, you can definitely go for it. 

The following benefits of this coverage are:

  • You may include additional riders, such as uninsured or underinsured protection for minimal exposure
  • The insurance company will pay the total amount to overcome the damage. 

5. Comprehensive insurance coverage:

It provides another level of insurance renewal or coverage in the event of an accident. With this comprehensive car insurance, you get extended coverage that takes care of your own vehicle damages as well as that of the third party involved. The ACKO car insurance renewal offers various facilities for a comprehensive policy. You may opt for this policy based on your budget. 

The following risk factors covered are:

  • Weather damage
  • Floods
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Covers third-party damages also

6. Return to Invoice insurance coverage:

There is a considerable difference between the actual cost and the car’s current insured declared value. If your car gets lost, the insurer will pay only the current IDV. With RTI coverage, you will get the actual cost of your vehicle. However, the ACKO insurance renewal provides various add-on facilities. 

The following benefits of this coverage are:

  • Best for new cars
  • Better protection for insurance renewal 
  • Available with own damage

7. Car insurance add-ons:

If your car breaks down in the middle of your journey, this coverage comes to the rescue. The insurer will assist in moving the vehicle to the nearest service centre. You may also opt for insurance renewal with ACKO car insurance renewal. 

The following benefits of this coverage are:

  • Engine replaces
  • Damages repaired
  • Roadside assistance 
  • Nil-depreciation cover 
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