What is the IVF success rates by age in 2022?


IVF success rates by age depend upon IVF procedure that includes different stages, Which start from Ovarian stimulation & end up with the embryo transfer & secretory phase. Moreover, Highly experienced and the best infertility specialists in Jaipur( DR. Ruchi Bhandari ) from the best IVF center in Jaipur says that the main factors of pregnancy and successful implantation during treatment depend upon the last step of the procedure. The efficiency of the transfer procedure and egg quality. However, people who are having more complications, such as same-gender couples or a person who wants to get pregnant and have a child alone, often select the IVF procedure. Some people may go up for multiple rounds of IVF to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate by Age 

Patient Age

Age is the most important factor when considering the IVF success rates. Women below the age of 35 have the highest chances of successful pregnancy and live birth rate per egg retrieval. In women under the age of 35, the live birth rate per egg retrieval is about 56%. Women between 35 to 37 have a lower birth rate per egg retrieval, around 41%. And women over the age of 40 & below the age of 42 have a 12% chance of successful live birth rate. However, women over the age of 43 merely have a chance at around 4% of live birth per egg retrieval.

Types of Fertility Problems

There are many types of infertility issues seen in both men and women. However, IVF treatment provides the best successful result for some of the causes of infertility, such as – Fallopian tube damage, Unexplained infertility, fibroids & Ovulation disorders, etc. Moreover, male infertility is also a factor in couples that reduces the chances of a successful result in IVF. Some conditions like uterine malformations and fibroids are the causes that reduce the chance of a successful IVF rate.

Duration of Infertility Issues

Duration of infertility affects the IVF success rates by age because success rate decreases with the growing age. And, if you have had any infertility problem in the past which has not been treated, It may affect the chance of a successful pregnancy. The solution for this type of situation can be donor egg IVF treatment.

Previous Miscarriage 

Suppose any couple has gone through miscarriage in previous years or facing continuous miscarriages. They may have to take some additional precautions and medication based upon the previous medical history of the couple to improve the chances of successful treatment.

How to Maximize the IVF Success Rates?

While preparing yourself for the cycle, know all the necessary factors that affect the success rate by talking to your doctor and getting all the consultations about the process and the medications that will help you during the procedure. Because now you know all the necessary information about the treatment. And, That will help you be calm and relaxed during the treatment, which naturally increases the chance of IVF success rate.

Consult with Your IVF Doctor 

Be clear and detailed about how you’re feeling during the treatment. Share your thoughts with your doctor. Be relaxed about decisions you have made.


We all know that doing exercise makes our body and mind healthy. But it’s not the whole story. By doing regular exercise, your body gets fit for sure. But, some hormonal changes happen within the body & that helps in the increasing success rate of IVF in women. However, If you’re overweight, you must include exercise in your schedule. By taking care of your physical and mental health, you may rapidly increase the chances of successful IVF treatment. Women are advised to do only mild or moderate exercises which allow them to stay healthy and calm such as Yoga. Get advice from your IVF doctor regarding the exercise that you may perform to better your body. Make sure you don’t go for any unstable posture or risky positions. It would be better for you to avoid cardiovascular exercises till the birth of a child. Try to do 5-6 hours of exercises in an overall week. Focus on activities or exercises that keep you relaxing and calm throughout the day.

Communicate with Your Partner During IVF Treatment 

Discuss closely everything you’re feeling with your partner. It will help you so much in relaxing and being calm. Talking with partners helps couples very much during IVF treatment. It decreases the anxiety level and increases the chances of successful IVF treatment.


If you’re looking for IVF success rates by age, don’t wait to get older. Know your fertility chances by consulting an infertility specialist as soon as possible. Because if there are chances that you can get a successful treatment for yourself and enjoy the joy of having a healthy child. Then it would be best if you went for the treatment.

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