10 Important DIY Technique That Doesn’t Need Any Mechanic

required any mechanic

The abbreviation of DIY is Do It Yourself. DIY is the process of self-building or modifying something without any expert help or professional services. This depends upon the creativity of an individual and unique ideas. There are several DIY techniques to make useful life hacks. 

Here we will discuss some interesting DIY techniques on how not to take the help of a mechanic:

1. Making a bird feeder: 

You can prepare a bird feeder with an old plastic bowel and a ribbon. Make three small holes in the bowel. You can heat a nail and use that to make small holes into the plastic bowel. Tie the ribbon on three sides and hang it on your rooftop. Birds will love to eat grain from this hanging feeder.

2. Create Hanging Space: 

Use your old waist belts and piece of cardboard to make a hanging space. Just tie the belts on both sides of the cardboard and hang them anywhere. It could be useful to keep small items.

3. Preparing a Greetings card: 

You can use an art sheet to prepare a seasonal greeting. Cut the sheet and provide it with a greeting card shape. You can paint on one side of the card or use some basic collage with old newspapers/straw/gift wrapping papers etc., to make an exclusive handmade greetings card to impress your loved ones.

4. Paint Coffee cup: 

You can use acrylic paint to design or write some message on a white coffee mug. After the paint dried up, heat the mug in a micro van up to 3500 F for 10 minutes. The paint will become permanent, and you will get an exclusive coffee mug.

5. Make a Solar Bulb: 

This is a simple process to get some solar light if your room has less ventilation. Take a transparent, used plastic water bottle. Fill it half with some clean water. Now make a hole on your ceiling and fit the bottle tightly within the hole. You will get a natural solar bulb during the daytime without any electricity cost.

6. Make a home garden: 

The coloured used plastic bottles can be used as plant containers for your home garden. Just cut the bottle horizontally with a sharp knife or blade. Put some mixture of soil and manure inside the bottle section. Sow some seeds of a little flowering plant and water them for 2/3 days. You can get a bottle full of flowing buds within a week or two. 

7. Design a table lamp: 

Make some design with acrylic paint on your table lamp. This will give a marvelous effect when switched on inside a dark room. 

8. Make a fancy dress: 

If you have old jeans, pants, or a jacket, it can use to redesign your new clothes with some catchy eye designs. You need to know basic stitching techniques. Cut a long narrow strip from your old jeans’ cloth with a scissor. Rub the strip against a rough surface to loosen the border threads. Now stitch the strip on top of your new shirt’s button plate. It will give a unique fancy look to your regular daily wear shirt. 

9. Upgrade lampshade: 

Collect some white plastic spoons. Cut the spoons head and clean them properly with any detergent. Take each spoon head and stick them on your hanging lamp with glue in a circular fashion. Keep the design as thick as possible. Switch on the light, and you will get an extraordinary light shade once it is lit.

10. Fancy Oil Container: 

You can use your old wine bottles as a fancy cooking oil container.


DIY technique is making something out of nothing required any mechanic. However, based on your skill and the techniques discussed here, you can create several cool items for daily usages.

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