How to Sand down Porcelain floors easily?

Porcelain floors

Have your porcelain floor lost its shine? Do you want to restore floor shine in the easiest ways? In this article, you will get the easiest ways and solutions for floor sanding in Perth.

Floor sanding in Perth has been an essential part of refinishing porcelain floors. Sanding is the only solution for a long time to polish the vinyl floor. The process of removing the previous layer of finishing, hard grim, and dirt is known as floor sanding in Perth.

However, floor sanding in Perth is not an easy job, but If you want to do it by yourself, you need to have professional assistance. However, many companies of Vinyl Floor Polishing in Perth assist, but you need the good one. With complete assistance, you will be able to do it effectively.

You can do porcelain vinyl floor polish to prepare it for resealing and painting. The porcelain floor has shiny and smooth. Moreover, its lustrous appearance can make an attractive appearance to your home.

In contrast to a shiny and smooth surface, it looks tacky when shines gets faded. Ironically, you prepare a porcelain vinyl floor to restore its shine by sanding so that it loses its shine and has a scratchy surface.

So, if your porcelain floor has lots of scratches and has lost its shine, you can restore it. We have some surprising and easy tips for floor sanding in Perth. Moreover, you can lower the floor sanding cost by using this easy process.

The necessary thing you’ll need for floor sanding in Perth;

Commercial floor cleaner


Orbital sander



A soft brush

These things are necessary when you start preparing vinyl floor polish.

Follow the easy steps- guidelines for floor sanding in Perth;

Floor sanding in Perth is a handy job. Therefore, with the help of some easy steps, you can do it effectively. Besides all the steps and procedures, you need all good quality products for quality vinyl floor polishing.

Step 1. Clean the floor

· Make sure you have a good quality commercial cleaner to clean the surface.

· Clean the surface thoroughly including all the corners with a sponge.

A good quality cleaning product will help; to remove dirt and tough stain on the porcelain, and the sanding process will go smoothly.

Step 2. Inspect the damage

Inspect the floor surface and make sure there is no missing part or any damage. Otherwise, floor sanding will not go smoothly. Fill the grout if anything is missing and let it dry.

Step 3. Sand down the floor

In contrast with the palm sander, the orbital sander a more reliable.

Sand down the floor by using 220-grain sandpaper. For the smooth sealing and finishing coats, 220-grain sandpaper is best and easily used by common people.

Step 4. Use vacuum cleaner

After cleaning the surface with sandpaper, the porcelain floor must clean with a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the results will not be effective.

Apply vacuum cleaner to the floor to clean the remaining dirt and grime.

Step 5. Apply primer for shine

In the last, apply any good quality primer. A proactive layer will be created on the floor, which will help the floor shine. Moreover, primer can make the surface smooth.


Floor sanding in Perth is a slow process, it requires time and effort for effective results.


Floor sanding in Perth is not an easy process. Therefore, this article may help you to sand down the vinyl floor. These are some easy steps to guide you for effective vinyl polishing.

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