How To Deal with Mosquitoes Inside Your House?

Mosquitoes inside your house

If you’re like most people, then mosquitoes are the last thing you want flying around your living room or buzzing in your ear while you’re trying to sleep. Mosquitoes may not be deadly to humans, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be irritating. 

However, some mosquitoes carry deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. But the good news is this, you can get rid of them for good with these five tips that focus on prevention and treatment. 

  1. Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Keeping windows and doors closed is the first step in any mosquito prevention plan. Mosquitoes cannot easily get through a closed door or window. Also, keeping an eye on the kids is easier when you have closed windows and doors. Stay safe inside home.

Moreover, using air conditioning will help reduce the number of mosquitoes entering your home as well as help prevent breeding opportunities for mosquitoes inside. So try to keep clean your appliances.

If you want mosquito control in your home, you should get the help of a professional exterminator to spray your whole house and help you get rid of mosquitoes for good. 

  1. Use Lemon Water Spray

The lemon water spray is a great idea because it is natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Just add some fresh lemon juice to the water in a spray bottle, and then spray around the area you want to protect. It’s not just an outdoor solution. You can use this indoors as well. 

  1. Place mosquito netting over plants

If mosquitos are finding their way into your home via indoor plants, try using mosquito netting to cover them up. You can buy inexpensive nets online or at gardening stores for this purpose. You can also DIY a mosquito net at home. To do this, just use a simple cloth or cheesecloth from your kitchen instead. 

It is woven firmly and allows air to pass through it while keeping mosquitoes away. 

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  1. Use Screen Shields on Windows

To prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, use screens on windows and doors to keep them out. This will reduce the number of biting insects that come into contact with people indoors. 

Also, avoid being outdoors during peak mosquito hours. Mosquitoes inside your house feed in the early morning and late evening hours, so stay indoors during these periods if possible. Moreover, make sure to keep window blinds closed when it’s not too hot outside to avoid attracting mosquitoes. 

If mosquitoes have still managed to make it to the inside of the house, you can take help from a professional exterminator. He will spray the whole inside of your house while keeping the harmful chemicals away from edibles and kids. 

  1. Use Mosquito Repellent Plants

You might be wondering about this fact, but it’s true. Mosquitoes inside your house repellent plants exist, and they work efficiently in keeping the mosquitoes away from your indoors. These plants not only keep mosquitoes away but are also an excellent solution to keep other pests, such as mice, from entering your house. 

Some of these plants include tulsi, lemongrass, marigolds, and mint.

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