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Everyone loves to play online games. A Universal Time (AUT) is an online role-playing game developed by the Roblox Group. The players compete against each other online to earn rewards and cash. It consists of digital boards, cards, and lists. One can increase his productivity and task management capabilities with the help of this game. Aut Trello is based on the anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. Also, the newly launched version of this game offers a reworked and rewritten version of the old one. You are given a role and access to several Universal abilities. Here are some tips to play this game effectively if you are a beginner:-

  1. WHAT IS STAND IN THIS GAME- A stand is a manifestation of life energy. It is a psychological entity constructed by the user and has powers that can be used for both good and bad, depending on its user. There were several supports introduced, and they may take the shape of a person, a monster, or occasionally even an inanimate object like a ship or a weapon. They could even be a phenomenon that occurs at random, like bohemian rhapsody support.
  2. ERRANDS- Aut Trello offers various errands. Depending on your fashion sense, he probably wears two or more items. The purpose of the task list is to serve as a reminder of your progress on any active and ongoing activities; once a job is removed from the list, it has been successfully finished. You can even form gangs in this game. Whether it’s your close-knit group of pals or a huge global corporation, yeah, right? You can form new Gangs or join ones that already exist thanks to the Gangs List!
  3. SETTINGS- Every time you wish to alter or enhance your gaming experience, you might want to check it out twice. Also, silent music stops the background music from being played when you are using World Time.
  4. SHOP- Shop Menu is still used for many purposes, many of which require the purchase of in-game Robux Currency. From here, you can carry out a variety of tasks that may enhance your gaming. Additionally, you may buy game passes directly from this menu! The primary unit of cash for AUT is the AUT U coin. It is frequently used for shopping, quests, and acquiring particular items. You can get U-Coins by performing a variety of actions, like: – Opening the Chest and defeating bosses and other players.
  5. AUT 1v1 GAMEMODE- In this game mode, two players are matched up and engage in a Player Versus Player match while each player has three stocks.

 These were all the basic tips and tricks a beginner should be aware of before playing the AUT Trello game. Despite these, there are also shortcuts and keys a player can use to play the game more effectively. The new version of this game has a lot of things to offer. The route board of the game incorporates all of the newly added components in their identity. You can play this game and earn money by completing a variety of missions successfully.

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