How Does Spirit Airlines Work?


Did you just book yourself an experience on Spirit Airlines? Well, congratulations on finally making the long-due vacation plan but do you think you know everything about the Airline, and are you ready for what’s coming? Sure, it’s not like you’re going on a war, but to save yourself from surprises and disappointments, we think you must research the Airline properly and what you can expect from them. 

Spirit’s relatively low prices are the major reason people like the Airline so much. However, whether they are keeping with the customer service requirements aptly or not is the question that we will be answering today in this article by analyzing various aspects and reviews of people who keep a Spirit airlines experience. 

What fare options will the Airline offer me? 

You will either be charged standard fares as declared by the Airline or the Saver Club fares, which supposedly are cheaper and better. However, to be able to become a beneficiary of the latter, one has to opt for the membership of the Airline, i.e., the Saver Club Membership. 

Depending upon the duration of the membership, the cost of the same varies; for instance, if you opt for a year-long membership of the Savers Club, you’ll be charged some $69.95, and similarly, for a 2-year long membership, you can be charged some double the base price. 

For however long you decide to be a member of the club, it is required that you cancel the subscription from your end before the auto-pay deducts the money from your bank account and renews your membership for the base period. 

Now the question is, should you join the Savers Club? 

Well, here’s what we can tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of the same: 

  1. While having a membership can save you a lot of money for sure, it might not be the right answer for people who tend to book flights all of a sudden without much notice. This is because the Airline, as per their convenience, decides on which flights one can avail the benefit of their membership, and they have to shift plans accordingly to save money. 
  2. Being a club member can also save you on seat selection costs. 
  3. You might also be able to get yourself discounts on shortcut security, boarding, etc. 
  4. The membership also takes care of add-ons during your flights, like baggage additions and seats. 

A note for those who had the $9 Fare Club membership- the same has been converted to a Spirit Savers Club membership automatically by the Airline – the benefit of the same is that at the same prices that you had paid while buying the membership, you’ll now be getting even more benefits. 

What if I have to book at the airport itself? 

No rule book says you should only book your tickets online. If, for any reason, you end up at the counter, you can expect a waived-off usage charge. The usage charge is usually paid by people who book tickets online, via a reservation center, or a third party. 

What if I have to get a bag checked? 

For some nominal charges, you can get your bags checked when you are flying via Spirit Airlines. However, the specifications of the bag should be as mentioned below: 

  1. The bag shouldn’t be larger than 62 linear inches, i.e., the total of your bag’s length, width, and depth shouldn’t exceed the number stated. 
  2. The weight of the luggage shouldn’t exceed 40 pounds. This is the case normally, although a customer is allowed to exceed the weight of 50 pounds when they have an upgrade package. Those who have to carry more luggage than that have to pay extra. 

The fees you’ll be charged to check these bags will vary on different determinal factors such as the duration of the flight and the distance you’re willing to cover – the charges can also be calculated on the official Spirit website. What I can do, though, to save a few more bucks is to pay for these bags while buying the tickets instead of doing it last minute. 

What about the carry-on bag? 

All passengers are allowed one personal bag, which is strictly 18*14*8 inches – you’ll be allowed to carry the same free of charge is the dimensions are the same or not more than that. Yet, for those who tend to carry everything extra, if this seems not doable, you are always welcome to purchase an allowance for your carry-on bag, which should be 22*18*10 inches precisely. The same charges will again depend on the duration of the flight and other things. You can go cheaper by paying for the same in advance when buying the tickets and not waiting till the last minute to do the same. 

What about seat selection? 

For passengers traveling long flights, seat selection becomes important for comfort and convenience. You can choose your seats by paying extra charges for them, and the charge depends on different factors like the route, type of seat, location of the seat, and more. For regular seats, you will have to pay anything between $1 to $50; for big front seats, you will be charged anywhere between $12 to $150 because of their comfort. However, the prices can go as high as $175 if one chooses to wait till the last minute. 

People often go for big front seats since they are more spacious and offer more legroom. Be careful if you have back problems because none of these seats recline back. 

What if I want to check in on the spot? 

Like every Airline, Spirit also encourages its passengers to check in online. Though you surely can get the boarding pass at the last minute, you will have to pay a nominal fee for the same and as the lady at the check-in counter to help you out in the same. 

What if I change my plans about boarding the flight?

For those who have nailed for Flight Flex or Bundle It combo, there is no extra charge to change a flight once; however, the same has been done, keeping some time restraints in mind. You can also cancel the flight tickets free of cost if you cancel within 24 hours of booking and have made the reservation in advance for a minimum of 7 days. 

For changing flights and opting for the one that costs higher than the previous one, the passenger has to pay the difference, and in the opposite case, you will also be able to ask for the difference but only in the form of travel credit. 

How beneficial is a Spirit Airlines Credit Card?

The cards are only beneficial for people who see value in getting one or more of the following advantages while traveling Spirit: 

  1. A 25% rebate on food and beverages purchased on the flight. 
  2. Zone 2 boarding. 
  3. To become a Pool Pilot and share your benefits with family and friends. 
  4. Extension of the life of free spirit points 
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