A tale of aviator sunglasses: From war equipment to fashion statement

A tale of aviator sunglasses

Which is the very first image that pops up in your mind when you think of sunglasses? From the very beginning till date my very first image has always been of an aviator, I do not even have to think twice but the image pops up automatically. That’s exactly the image that aviator sunglasses had on us. They soon became a style statement in themselves. But how did the safety equipment of World War become the extreme fashion pick of today, well let the long story be, just fasten your seatbelts and read on to know the exciting story? 

Tale of oldie aviators

Sunglasses have been around in the fashion industry for a long time. But the tale started from the time of World War. The aviators of the World War faced issues related to glare and others while flying high and they demanded some safety equipment to protect their eyes from all these unwanted substances. That led to the introduction of aviator sunglasses, full-depth coverage equipment that helps in protecting the eyes of pilots, and from that’s where they got their name aviator glasses. 

The war did end but not the tale of aviator glasses, soon the style of sunglasses was taken up by the mainstream. People started donning the glasses and they became very much in trend during the era. But fashion changed so did the requirements of the people. People started aviator glasses quite commonly and they were being made at every local shop as well. That’s when the story took a turn.  

Entry of ever-famous Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban discovered the potential of aviator glasses, and soon they took over the aviators and ordered all the aviator sunglasses to be removed from the local shops. Soon the brand started selling the glasses under their name and that’s when the glasses gained momentum. The glasses became a style statement in themselves, people started going gaga over the glasses and many started buying these glasses just for the name of the brand. From there, there has been no looking back in the case of these glasses that have become the top fashion accessory of all time. Actors in many movies and on red carpets were seen donning these glasses. They were already a thing in the mainstream and that’s the power of aviator glasses.

Change of the fashion story

Fashion has no genders, and the glasses which used to be a male-dominated pick started changing. There were several fashion shows that showcased fashion going genderless and all out of the from retro to futuristic and everything experimental. 

This was exactly being seen in the case of aviator glasses, the glasses were being donned by the female section as well. They gained more popularity than ever before, they looked good and enticed the women as well. They became a fashion statement for every gender, irrespective of any age group. 

They are now a perfect, stylish, and safe pick for every occasion, we bet that every person definitely has a pair of these rusty and style enticed aviator glasses right in their wardrobe. 

Different types of sunnies

We hope that you definitely have enjoyed the story of our old aviator glasses and might want to buy one as well. But don’t you want to know more about the other sunglasses as well for your wardrobe collection. Make sure to have a few sunnies that absolutely speak your style. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to know about for your next purchase. 

Tiny sunglasses- You must be well aware of the fact that Y2K has taken over the fashion trends. Their current fashion is being inspired by a lot of retro trends so is the revival of tiny sunglasses. These were much in trend in the 90s and when the Matrix had a move but now they have made a comeback and all for good. They swiped the fashion trends and were a perfect match for every retro hype. 

Tinted sunglasses- Another fashion that has made a comeback from the exact Y2K trend is tinted sunglasses. They have been extreme style breakers of all time, fancy having sunglasses of the same green on green or red on the red combination? Then these are the glasses you have been looking for. 

Rimless sunglasses- Having tinted rimless sunglasses are sure a thing from the past but has a great ever prominence in the current era as well. They look extremely enticing and give an elite sense of fashion, they might not go out of trend anytime soon. 

If you are a prescription user then you can even have these as prescription sunglasses as well. To know more about trends and fashion from the eyewear industry, just visit Specscart’s Instagram page for early updates.

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