How do Braces Change Your Face Shape?

braces for face shape

When individuals consider orthodontic treatment, they generally focus on getting a straight smile. Do you know that braces can even correct your facial structure? Yes, it is true.

Orthodontic treatment is not about correcting the smiles of the people but can improve the entire facial appearance.

If your upper and lower arch does not meet adequately, it might affect your facial appearance. Luckily, braces and Invisalign produce a positive impact by bringing the teeth and jaws into alignment. Moreover, your facial appearance might be more affected by jaw imbalance if you have severe issues like underbite or overbite. Consult adult orthodontics near me as they know how to correct bite imperfections with braces and boost your oral health and facial appearance.

What Are The Most Common Problems To Be Fixed With Braces?

Anyone can see the effectiveness of the results after seeing overbite braces before and after images.

Orthodontists can fix the following oral issues with braces, such as;


You have an underbite when your lower teeth protrude further than your upper teeth. It frequently happens due to jaw misalignment, and a Class III malocclusion is what it is.


When your top front teeth extend beyond your bottom front teeth, you have an overbite. An overbite can result in health issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw pain in extreme circumstances. Children with an overbite may receive treatment from a dentist or orthodontist using braces or other correction appliances.

Open bite:

A malocclusion (bite issue), an open bite, occurs when the top and bottom teeth do not meet or bite properly. The teeth don’t overlap, making them appear “open.” Teeth positioning, jaw positioning, or combining both can result in open bites.

These are some of the oral issues to be fixed with braces.

Do Braces Fix Bite Issues?

When you consult a local orthodontist to fix various biting issues, they diagnose them and prepare the treatment plan accordingly. Since such treatment requires a correct strategy and hi-tech approach, it is vital to consult a certified specialist. Usually, orthodontists prepare a virtual 3D model of your mouth to execute each treatment step precisely. They plan everything, like how far to move the teeth to get the proper position and ensure the jaw’s position is just right. Orthodontists can design flawless smiles to deliver unique facial and dental features and structure. 

How Does The Face Change After Braces?

Braces can improve the entire mouth look by enhancing the appearance of lips, cheeks, chin, and jawline. Some significant ways to improve the facial structure are;

Enhances Jaw Alignment:

Patients with misaligned bites bring the jaw back to a more balanced position. Not only do they improve your facial appearance, but they can enhance your chewing and speaking ability.

Enhances Asymmetrical Faces:

Extensive crowding and wider spacing can spoil your lips’ appearance, like your lips may appear uneven or may lift higher from one side to the other. Orthodontists use braces to deliver straight teeth by correcting gaps and bringing symmetry back to offer a more natural and relaxed look to the face.

Describes Cheekbones:

Oral issues like overbites and underbites can affect cheeks badly by causing their appearance to be sunken or too pronounced. As the braces can bring back the jawline into its correct position and offer straight teeth, you will witness the cheeks enhanced look, producing a streamlined appearance with the cheekbones and jawline.

Improves Bite

When braces correct the misalignment issues, patients get an improved bite naturally. As a result, they can get a better experience while chewing and eating food items.

Youthful Appearance

When you get bite correction treatment with braces, you will notice a positive change in your facial profile. It is so because when you get improved biting, your jaw and upper lip are in better shape & alignment. Moreover, not only will you get a refine jawline and softened features, but after treatment, you may look younger. 


Braces treatment aligns the teeth and jaw perfectly to alter your face’s shape. Your orthodontist will recommend the treatment depending on the severity of your condition.  Ivanov Orthodontic Experts offer effective braces treatment to fix misalignment so that you can get better oral health and an improved facial structure. Looking for adult orthodontics near me? Ivanov Orthodontic Experts will offer you access to the best orthodontist specialist. For more information, call us today.

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