Lansum Eldorado Review

Purchasing a house is a huge commitment, but it may ultimately pay off. A home is an investment that may appreciate over time, and buying one allows you to do just that. You also benefit from not being at the mercy of a landlord who could decide not to renew your lease. As a software engineer who tied the knot in 2021, I’ve been considering the possibility of purchasing a home shortly so that my future spouse and I may raise a family there and reap the financial benefits of our investment. I discussed with my family and friends about which new residential projects are great from a living and future investments point of view. The most common answer I got was Lansum Eldorado. I checked the project site, and saw the sample flat and was immediately impressed. After a few weeks of researching, I finalised on this project and purchased my first apartment in Hyderabad!

Lanson Eldorado Amenities That I Love

The company’s motto is “The Joy of Housing,” They want to make the whole experience of purchasing a house satisfying and fulfilling. All the conveniences they’re giving us will make our lives much brighter.

1- A state-of-the-art fitness centre where you may engage in rigorous exercise to maintain your health and vitality.

2- Cafeteria and Mini theatre

3- The badminton, squash, table tennis, and volleyball courts are in an indoor games room.

4- Maintenance team and generators to keep the lights on at all times

5- Yoga Aerobics room along with the swimming pool.

2- Lanson Eldorado Floor Plan-

The Lansum Eldorado, located on four acres in Narsingi, not far from the Financial District, has two buildings with forty stories each and an abundance of high-end services and facilities. The project has the ambition and inventiveness to create a way of life that is guaranteed to delight, and it does so by offering 872 3BHK apartments ranging in size from 1078 square feet to 1568 square feet.

3- Lanson Eldorado Price

Initially, we thought the price tag of 1.83–1.53 crore Indian rupees was a little steep, but after considering all the project has to offer, we came to terms with it. I made out like a bandit on purchasing my future palace, and the bargain was well worth it.

Why did I choose To Purchase A Property In Lanson ElDorado?

1- Location advantage-

Lansum Eldorado is 5 kilometres from HITEC City, and Madhapur is around 2 kilometres from Nehru Outer Ring Road, where you can find the nearest metro stations. 

2- Future prospective-

The developer’s reputation, the project’s high-quality construction, the project’s high-quality specifications, world-class facilities, and the project’s integrated township experience all contribute to the project’s high price with luxurious living. 

3- Convenience-

Close by are two excellent international schools, Rockwell International School and Phoenix Greens International School. There are a few grocery stores in the area, including the Quality Freshmart SuperMarket and Reliance Fresh.

My Overview-

When you buy a home in this neighbourhood, you’re not just buying a place to live; you’re buying a way of life that comes with the advantages of an opulent house in a desirable neighbourhood. If you want to purchase your dream home and are searching verified properties in Hyderabad, do visit

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