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In the UPSC Mains Examination, Essay is the subject in which one just cannot pick the topic immediately and start writing, as it is very tricky. Essay for UPSC CSE Examination requires articulation of thoughts and for this one need to have holistic understanding. If one is very new in the UPSC journey, he/she will not be comfortable in writing the essay.

So, if one is done with prelims preparation, he/she is at the good position to write or practice essay, as after appearing into prelims one is at the position to write Essay. At this stage an aspirant must have enough content to start practicing Essay.

It can be said that starting practice of an essay writing after the Prelims is a good time. If one is not acquainted with Essay writing before Prelims and started Essay writing after prelims then he /She is not too late, rather he/she is at good position.

Essay requires some amounts of answer writing practice too, because articulation of thoughts cannot be achieved in one day. So, one should, must practicing answer writing before prelims and then come to the essay or eventually essay writing practice should come. As essay requires ability to express our views in logical fashion and for that one requires some amount of answer writing practice.

So how to start writing an essay?? | Essay for UPSC

  • First and foremost, thing is when we start writing essay we feel under confidant.
  • Let me tell you about my essay writing experience. I first wrote essay on the topic Capital Punishment: Good or Bad!
  • I simply divided the essay under four heads i.e., Introduction under which I defined the meaning of Capital Punishment, then I came to the point Why Capital punishment should be there and then I chose the next head why It should not be there and then I concluded the essay. The reason for choosing the topic was, I was acquainted with the topic. But trust me essay was very pathetic. I made this essay to be evaluated by one of my mentors Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary (EDEN IAS). I got bad remarks but I didn’t get dishearten, rather I started imbibing those remarks in my Essay and by practicing/ writing about 6 serious essays, I was at the verge of writing good essays.


So, what I learned is sharing with you: | Essay for UPSC

Introduction of an Essay:

  • According to me, one should must pre-prepare the introduction and conclusion of the Essay. One must be thinking how one can pre-prepare the introduction and conclusion. This can be done, because there are 10-15 areas which are tentative in UPSC Mains Examination. From these section (viz Women Empowerment, Education, Technology, Agriculture, Globalization and Changing Dynamix etc) one essay must be there. So, over these sections one can prepare introduction and conclusion.
  • Best source for preparing this is Yojana Magazine (especially 1st editorial page) and The Hindu and Indian Express. You can also get ideas from Toppers copies too and also use them.

Ways to start the Introduction: | Essay for UPSC

Following are the ways that are basically followed to write an Essay’s introduction.

1) Quotes: One can start the Essay with quotes, make notes of some evergreen quotes related to your tentative list.

2) Question: You can start your essay by putting a question too. If time permit then read some articles of EPW, they follow this way of writing.

3) Presenting Ironies

4) Fact Based

5) Anecdote: Don’t write any story rather than write some tried and tested story meaning stories related to any scholars etc.

What should be the body of the Essay? | Essay for UPSC

This is wider area and cannot be same for all the Essays, it can vary Essay to Essay but some common structuring that can be followed are:

  • Define the subject matter.
  • Give the historical background of the subject matter.
  • Cause and effect angle. This is wider area, you could cover this under various dimensions i.e., social, economic, political etc. and also try to relate it with examples.
  • Here comes the time to write for us about solutions.
  • How to conclude the essay?
  • Your conclusion should be summary of your essay but that doesn’t mean copying the points previously written.
  • It should be close ended and thought provoking.

Note: Most important point in the essay is connectivity of your essay. Use good examples, facts graphs etc too.

Hope this guidance will work for the concerned aspirants. 😊 😊

Good Luck 😊


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