Best Waxing Tips for Brides: Every Girl Needs to Know

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Are you all set for your wedding? Finalized the dress, venue, and the best makeup artists for your wedding day? Great! But there are other things too that need your time and attention. Waxing before the wedding is what most women recommend and is one of the right things to do. It helps eliminate hair from the root and keeps your skin clean and soft for a long period. Taking advice right from the experts, getting a pre-wedding waxing 2-3 days before the big day is a great idea.

You surely don’t want to mess your functions. It’s a big no if anyone is planning to get it done on the day of the event. You don’t know how the wax may react on the skin even if you have done it several times. Most people with sensitive skin may incur slight redness in the applied area. Thus, to avoid any such skin irritation, search for the best waxing service in Penrith and book appointments in advance prior to the day of the event.

Follow a few waxing tips that will help make your waxing sessions way much easier to handle.

Get Your Skin Reading For The Waxing Session

If you are running late and want to do it quickly, here is what you need to follow for a smooth and quick waxing session. Wet your area and use a soft towel to pat it dry. Now add some powder for absorbing moisture and let the wax stick properly to the skin. Wait for a few minutes and remove the wax and the hair. Using wax makes it easier for the body hair to come off.

Hair Length Matters

Having hair length quarter to half an inch in length is perfect for waxing. This much length helps the wax grip the hair better. Take a gap of around 4-6 weeks for the next session. Waxing short hair will not add a smooth finish. Thus, make sure to follow this golden rule of waxing. Lookup for a waxing service and book an appointment according to the dates.

Choose The Right Wax

There are two types of wax – Hard and Soft Wax. Hard Wax is generally applied to smaller areas such as underarms, bikini lines, or the face. However, the soft wax is best suitable for wider sections such as the hands, legs, and back. There are other types of waxing services too available nowadays. One can go for fruit wax for sensitive skin and sugar wax for oily skin. Choose one as per your need.

Make Sure To Moisturize After Wax

Wax can leave your skin dry and irritated if not moisturized soon. If you ever visit a beauty salon, you’ll always notice the professionals apply moisturizer after the waxing session. Even makeup artists use moisturizers after most beauty services. The only purpose for using aloe vera gel or moisturizer right after such services is to relax the skin and keep it free from inflammation, itching, or any skin irritation.

Do Not Skip Exfoliation

Exfoliate on a regular basis to keep away dead skin cells. This process also helps in eliminating any ingrown hair. You can also use a body scrubber twice a skin to maintain the skin and keep it smooth. Exfoliation is good for the skin as it aids in removing any debris remaining on your skin after cleansing.


If you are looking forward to taking matters into your hand and doing it at home, we would say a NO. It is your wedding day, and right after that, you need to go on your honeymoon. You can’t make silly mistakes. It’s time to get up, visit a professional for waxing service, and get waxed. These waxing tips will help you before and after the waxing session. You can do it yourself if running too late for the event. But, we would always suggest avoiding risks for the wedding. You surely don’t want to carry red hands or blotchiness. Thus, book the best beauty salon near you for beauty services. Feel free to wear sleeveless and carry a look confident while working through the aisle.

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