7 Great Tips for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

7 Great Tips for Flavor-Chasing Vapers

Best Wattage and Temperature Settings For Flavour

The simplest way to get the best flavor from your e-liquid is to adjust the settings. 

Different settings matter because then different flavorings vaporize at different temperatures, and so, setting your vape wattage and temperature is one of the easiest ways for flavor chasers to get the most out of their flavors. So, if you are a vaper chasing that flavor, then it is recommended to have a device with adjustable wattage.

To find the perfect spot for your vape juice, you just have to work your way up. Start low and keep raising the wattage until you find the sweet spot. There are many devices out there that offer adjustable temperature settings. In fact, many Smok kits offer this great option.

Reduce Your Airflow

Airflow is a big factor for both cloud chasers and flavor chasers. But they are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. That is because when you have good airflow, you get good clouds, but the flavor is reduced. 

But when you have reduced airflow, your clouds aren’t too impressive, but your flavor is immense. So, if you chase that flavor hit, you’re going to need a vape kit with an adjustable airflow system to get it. But it doesn’t mean that closing off the airflow fully will get you the best flavor. There is a balance to find, and if you close the airflow fully, it can be bad for the health of the vape and the vapor production.

 Choose Your Coil Carefully

Coils have a huge say in how good of a flavor you are getting from your vape. There is also personal preference, but that is a smaller factor. Pod devices are great for general vaping, but if you are looking for that ultimate vaping experience, then you need the next best thing. 

A Sub-ohm tank is perfect for that job as you can customize it. You can choose coils with different resistance (the lower, the better), and that will lead to better vapor production and a much more concentrated flavor.

Wicking and Coil Materials Matters

Wick material is another important thing to consider for flavor chasers. The standard Silica wicks that are used in the majority of kits are fine, but they also have a tendency to suppress flavor. 

Slowly, cotton wicks are making their way into the vaping scene and taking over as more and more people are using them in their devices for flavor. The wicking capability of cotton is much higher, and it doesn’t overshadow the flavor as Silica wicks might. This leads to a purer and cleaner flavor experience. There are many great cotton types out there for those that prefer a more premium and customized experience. 

Think About VG:PG Ratios

This might sound obvious, but your VG:PG ratio matters. A lot of vapers, over time, develop their own preference and balance of VG:PG. Cloud chasers like a higher VG, while if you want flavor, then you should go for a high PG content in your flavor.

But here’s where things get tricky. Getting the ratio right matters a lot, as you can’t just lean to one side of the spectrum. VG has a part to play in flavor production too. After all, the higher the VG, the better the flavor burns. So, finding the right balance in VG:PG is also important.

 Keep Your Wicks, Coils, and Tanks Clean

It’s simple maintenance. Keep everything clean and maintained, and you won’t have any problems. But if you care about flavors, you should especially be more careful about this, as even the slightest factor can affect your vape flavor experience. 

Clean wicks, clean coils, clean tanks all contribute to a sharper and more concentrated flavor. If you don’t clean or replace these, then build-up and gunk will surely affect your flavor.

Look After Your Vape Juice

And finally, take care of your vape juice. If you mishandle it or store it badly, the quality of the flavor can be affected. And if you have a bad flavor, then no amount of work on your vape kit can improve it. So store it well.


Hopefully, these tips will be enough to give you a better flavor experience. And if we find any more, we will post them too. So keep an eye out. 

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