Why are custom vape boxes so crucial for selling vaping products?

custom vape boxes

Smoking is bad for health, and there are no two opinions about it. But for those who can’t seem to get over it, vaping can provide a welcome alternative. It is a non-conventional and somewhat safe way to satisfy the urge to smoking. That is why it has gained currency worldwide and shows no signs of abating. In 2019, the market was worth a whopping USD 8 billion with healthy growth forecasts. From traditional retailers like Walmart to e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, you can find vapes everywhere. Let us explore the phenomenon in detail, emphasizing its packing, our primary interest topic.

What exactly is vaping?

Vape is short of vapor. Vaping is the act of inhaling nicotine with flavors, oils, herbs, etc., in the mouth through a device in the form of vapors and then blowing out the smoke. It is not a new invention but has grown in popularity since the early 2000s. It is also called an e-cigarette. In vaping, we essentially inhale vapors and not smoke, which is why it is considered safer than smoking.
A vape usually comprises an inhaler, atomizer, and cartridge. While the inhaler is your mouthpiece, the atomizer is the battery, and the cartridge holds the nicotine and the liquids.

Packaging requirements for vapes:

Like any other product, vapes require attractive and captivating packaging to increase their appeal. The vapes users are mainly young folks who go for flashy and vibrant things. Therefore, a vape manufacturer must go for vibrant color choices for the boxes. The boxes need to be alluring and eye-catching. Young people have a short attention span and want colors, graphics, style, and abstract designs in the things they use. It underlines the importance of custom vape boxes further while packing them.

Ideal material for custom vape boxes:

There is no shortage of materials for custom vape boxes, but the following materials are ideal for this purpose;

1. Card stock
2. Corrugated packaging material
3. Kraft packaging material
4. Rigid packaging material
5. Flat packaging material
6. Gluing packaging material

These materials are helpful due to many reasons, but the following ones stand out;

They provide vital support:

A packing box is nothing if it is not strong enough to protect the item it is holding. All the materials that we mentioned above pass this test with flying colors.

They are easy to customize:

As we mentioned, the consumers of vaping products like funky and colorful things. With these materials, you can do anything you want regarding printing, designing, embellishing, etc. The choices are endless.

Vape needs extra protection:

Vape is a fragile product. The cartridge also needs to be packed so that no spillage of liquid takes place. For this, the manufacturers must ensure some extra layers of protection. The use of inserts and snuggle fit options is a good idea for providing additional security.

Pressure resistance is also essential:

A vape box might have to travel long distances, and that is why it must be packed in such a way as to ensure withholding pressure. Vape boxes should be sturdy and rigid. The materials mentioned above are excellent in this aspect as well.

Fast Custom Boxes is a quality manufacturer of custom printed candle boxes in different materials. They have expertise in producing excellent custom vape boxes as well. They take extra care and ensure that stringent quality measures are observed and maintained at every production stage. It is the go-to place for any packaging requirements with attractive pricing and prompt delivery.

Popular shapes and designs of vape boxes:

Custom vape boxes come in all shapes and sizes; they are called custom for a reason. But the following type of design options are ideally and best-suited when it comes to vape and its allied products;

1. Mailer Box
2. Display Box
Sleeve Box
Two-Piece Box
Tuck-end Box
Seal-end Box

You can also come up with a unique design if you have a thing for designing stuff, and a good manufacturer will make it for you.
Other special considerations for custom vape boxes:
You would do well to observe some other things when it comes to producing and picking vape packaging.

Adornments and embellishments:

You can go for some extra coating, finishing (glossy and matte), spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, etc., to make the box stand out and attract potential clients. These things matter a lot in the realm of vape packaging. Digital printing, flexography printing can also add value to your box.

custom vape boxes

Protection from humidity:

Moisture is a killer for a product like a vape. It leads to rust which can spoil it altogether. You will need a box that can repel dampness and humid conditions. For this, go for packages that have plastic lamination. It will save the product from rusting and absorbing the humidity. The lamination can be both in gloss and shiny finishes.

Insulation can also help matters:

To save vape and vaping liquids from adverse weather that includes excessive heat, insulation is also a great idea. Go for a box or material that can insulate the product from heat, cold, and other harmful conditions. A little care would help matters in a significant way.


That was all about custom vape boxes and how you can effectively produce them to enhance their utility and value. We hope it will help you find the most suitable package for your vaping products.

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