Why won’t Quickbooks  open in desktop

Why won’t Quickbooks open in desktop

QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting programs in the world, particularly among small and medium businesses. This simple tool is great for tracking funds, keeping track of sales, and dealing with invoices.

Many users have reported problems with QuickBooks, not opening or freezing, which has hampered their productivity. In today’s article, we’ll go into the causes of the issue as well as some potential fixes to assist you.

Understanding QuickBooks Won’t Open

QuickBooks won’t open is a typical difficulty that can occur unintentionally, causing users to become enraged because many vital tasks are still outstanding. Don’t be discouraged if you try to open a QuickBooks Company file or data but are unable to do so. You’ve come to the perfect location since you’ll find the entire repair technique right here. 

You can pause certain operations, address installation errors, or simply restart your Windows 10 computer if you start to notice difficulty launching QuickBooks software versions. When QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Online refuses to start or load, these workarounds can help. You should be able to fix similar issues on software year versions such as 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, and so on.

QuickBooks Won’t Open in Desktop

You’ve selected a company file symbol or the QuickBooks Desktop option, but the program won’t start or only reacts halfway. What options do you have?

First, you should be aware that if you press on the QuickBooks logo continuously, QuickBooks may become inactive. It’s a good idea to wait a few minutes before restarting QuickBooks. If you want to make multiple inquiries, don’t press multiple times.

Signs and Causes to QuickBooks Won’t Open Error 

  • The software becomes unresponsive.
  • The corporate file for QuickBooks does not open.
  • Windows is sluggish.
  • Occasionally, the system will freeze.
  • The device is slow to react to mouse and keyboard input.

Reasons to QuickBooks Won’t Error 

QuickBooks Desktop does not start for a variety of factors, which are listed below.

  • The firm name is extremely long.
  • A hard disc that has been damaged
  • QuickBooks Desktop was installed incorrectly.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file is lost or corrupted.
  • The operating system that is no longer supported

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Won’t Open Error with Simple Steps

This QuickBooks issue is readily resolved, and some of the solutions are listed below. If you need expert assistance to swiftly address these difficulties, you may contact our QuickBooks support team at any time.

Step 1: Fix QuickBooks Desktop Installation

This will perform a repair that will correct all of the installation files that are causing the QuickBooks Desktop to not start. The steps are as follows:

  • First and foremost, make a backup of your firm file and proceed.
  • Restart your computer completely.
  • The Control Panel can be accessed by pressing the Start menu icon.
  • From the Start menu, select Control Panel from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Programs and Features from the Control Panel’s Programs and Features window.
  • Now tap on Programs once again.
  • You’re in the window that displays a list of available programs.
  • Look for the QuickBooks software.
  • Pick Uninstall/Change from the context menu by right-clicking on it.
  • You must first select Continue, and then the Next tab.
  • Then, to begin, hit on the fix option and then Next.
  • It began the recovery procedure, and when it’s finished, select Finish.
  • You are done with repairing the QuickBooks.
  • Now update the QuickBooks to the latest release available.

Step 2: Shut QBW32.exe process

  • The very first step is to right-click on the system’s “Windows taskbar” and choose “Start Task Manager.”
  • To sort the processes alphabetically, go to the “Process tab” and then to the “Image Name” header.
  • Then look for “EXE” and select it.
  • Lastly, press “End Process” to bring the “exe process” to a conclusion.

Step 3: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Use the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool to resolve any errors that may have arisen during the installation of the QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Go to the QuickBooks Tool Hub after finishing the QuickBooks task in the Task Manager.
  • Select Installation Issues from the left-hand menu.
  • To start it, select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Wait for the tool to complete its task and then restart your laptop.
  • Restart QuickBooks Desktop to see whether it works.

Step 4: Suppress Desktop installations in QuickBooks 

  • Click right on the QuickBooks Desktop logo and select Properties.
  • Choose Open after pressing the “CTRL key.” Hold down the “Ctrl key” until the No Company Open window appears.
  • Then go ahead and launch QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 5: In Windows built-in Repair Element Fix QuickBooks

One option for repairing broken programs is to use the Windows application repair feature, which you can reach and use by following the steps below.

  • Keep a copy of your company file before moving forward with this option.
  • Click the Windows key to restart your computer.
  • Select Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Click Uninstall a Program from the Programs or Programs and Features menu.
  • In the list of programs, look for QuickBooks and select Uninstall/Change.
  • After that, select Continue and then Repair.
  • After the Repair has been completed, choose Finish and restart.

Step 6: Use Quick Fix My Program

You must first download the QuickBooks Tool Hub in order to execute Quick Fix, my application for resolving the QuickBooks Desktop won’t open error.

  • Shut down QuickBooks and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your pc.
  • Save the downloaded file to a location that you can recall.
  • Navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded file.
  • Then, to begin the installation, press twice on the.exe file tool.
  • To successfully install the QuickBooks Tool Hub, follow the instructions on your screen.
  • After you’ve completed the installation, click the Finish button.
  • Right-click the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon on your desktop.
  • Select an option Run the program as an admin.
  • Many possibilities are available at the Tool Hub.
  • Select Program Problems from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, select Quick Fix My Program.
  • It runs a full scan of the QuickBooks application, including all of its files.

Final Word!

We hope that after going through the entire article your issues with the QuickBooks Won’t Open Error will be solved. The solutions complied for you are simple to follow and can be fixed without any outside help, read the entire post for the best of the outcomes. 


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