Why enroll in a high-rise building design course?

Since technology, materials, and methods of designing and construction are improving, the traditional engineering programs fail to address the issues effectively. As a result, there is a great lacuna between classroom learning programs and practical implementations. 

Employers thus avoid hiring fresh graduates as they lack adequate skills, knowledge, and understanding of modern concepts. To avoid such a situation, it is best to supplement your offline degree program with an online high-rise building design course.

Challenges and issues addressed by high-rise building design courses

The number of high-rise buildings on the rise and the shrinking real estate spaces has created major challenges for engineers. Similarly, vertical loads are increasing with the need to construct high-rise buildings, and subsequently, these need to be resilient to face wind loads and lateral loads.

For instance – if the wind is assumed to be of uniform distribution, then the base moment increases with the height. Since the wind pressure is not uniform and issues enhance with height, the engineers need to understand specific ways to counter these issues without sacrificing the overall appeal of the building.

Similarly, engineers need to ensure that their designs can bear horizontal loads, transmit the resulting momentum into the foundation and keep the entire building safe. It is important to couple the building with load-bearing walls, but the same increases the tensile strength of such walls. As an engineer, you must be able to solve such problems using your analytical ability and assessment skills. 

Similarly, you need to ensure that you make the right selection between alternatives like – 

  • Load bearing cross walls
  • Concrete cores and angular elements
  • Load bearing perimeters
  • Concrete cores with volume elements, etc.

Even if you are using prefabricated materials, you need to ensure that the materials and structural integrity matches with the functionality.

On the other hand, opting for a PG in bridge engineering course or a high-rise building construction program also helps you to identify and assess the following aspects – 

  • Deflection and accelerations
  • Impact of wind, earthquakes, etc.
  • Imperfections in elements due to manufacturing issues
  • Handling uneven surfaces, foundation problems, and inhomogeneous sites 
  • Handling unexpected deflections that may cause additional lateral force on the structure 
  • Handing sways in the buildings, oscillation due to wind, etc.
  • Responding to wind loads after undertaking wind tunnel experiments 

Who must enroll in this program?

Anyone with interest in building design and bridge construction can enroll in the program. The program is, however highly recommended for – 

  • Structural engineers
  • Civil engineering graduates
  • Wannabe engineers
  • Diploma holders
  • Workers looking for growth and development opportunities
  • Organizations looking to upskill their employees
  • Construction firm managers, etc.

How to enroll in Skill Lync online courses?

Skill Lync is one of the best platforms for online learning and skill enhancement. To enroll in any of the high-class training programs, you can undertake the following steps – 

  • Go to the Skill Lync website and identify courses that match your preference.
  • Click enroll now button present on the site.
  • The page moves to the fee payment session and sign-up for the program
  • Fill in relevant details and name as per your certificate requirements
  • Pay the fee using credit, debit, or online payment options
  • You will get a confirmation message about admission and program details
  • Once done, you can continue with the program 
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