Why dogs leg shakes

If you are concerned that your dog is shaking a leg for no apparent reason, it is important to consult with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health problems. In most cases, however, benign causes such as anxiety or excitement are responsible for this behavior. By understanding the symptoms of leg shaking in dogs, you can better identify if there is cause for concern.

Behavior Issues

Shaking dog legs is often related to dog behavior rather than dog health issues, but it can also be a symptom of an underlying condition that needs attention.

Excess Water

Dogs shake their legs to get rid of excess water after a bath or swim. It’s actually more comfortable for the dog if it stands by itself rather than putting all its weight on four legs

To Cool down

Dogs shake their legs to cool down. To them, dog leg shaking is like our fanning ourselves with a magazine—it increases air flow over the skin to help cool them down


Dog behaviorists theorize that dog leg shaking is also a dog communication tool used by dogs to say, “I’m scared” or “I’m nervous.” When dog leg shaking is due to dog fear and dog anxiety, dog psychologists say that dog leg shaking is dog self-calming behavior
Dog leg shaking is the dog equivalent of the human handshake, it’s how dogs greet each other and agrees on things

Anxiety or Excitement

Dog leg shaking can also be a sign of anxiety or excitement, just like it can in humans. For example, dog leg shaking may indicate that your dog is nervous about meeting a new dog.

Increase the blood flow

dog leg shaking to increase blood flow and help cool down their bodies. While the behavior may seem odd to humans, it is perfectly normal for dogs. If your dog is shaking its leg more than usual, consult with your veterinarian to rule out any health concerns
Another cause of dog leg shaking is tickling. Dogs don’t have a sense of humor, so dog leg shaking is dog laughter. If you dog has been bitten by a snake or other venomous animal, he may shake his legs to try and get rid of the venom

Grabbing Attention

The more you comfort your dog when they are shaking, the less likely it will be that he’ll learn to do this on his own. If instead of giving him attention for asking or tensing up in anticipation before doing so; all people did was rush over every time – like some dogs turn into an actual quivering mess while begging–then those pets might start preferring shivers as a way around getting fed.

Health Issues

– Dog leg shaking can also be caused by dog neurological conditions such as canine distemper and rabies. Other dog neurological conditions that may cause dog leg shaking include dog epilepsy and dog meningitis
– If your dog is having trouble walking, shaking its legs can be a symptom of dog arthritis or other musculoskeletal issue. The shaking of dog’s hind legs can be caused by pain in the knees or hip. After examination, an orthopedic surgeon will determine what joint disease is affecting your pet and how to treat it effectively.
Epilepsy is a relatively common condition in dogs and one which many people worry about when their dog starts vibrating. symptoms include falling down, not being responsive or losing control over bodily functions such as urinating/defecating etc., gasping for breath while lying flat on its back with eyes tightly closed
Some breeds are at higher risk than others -sm Boxers have been shown scientifically linked towards developing this type of episode due probably because they’re so energetic!
The common cause for this type if tremor comes from ligament damage as well as arthritis which causes shakiness when walking due to weakness within their leg muscles typically seen more often towards either side depending on where most severe form showed up first before spreading throughout entire body


If dog leg shaking is due to dog fear and dog anxiety, dog psychologists recommend providing your dog with a safe place, such as a comfy dog bed or crate it can dog leg shake in dog comfort
Dog leg shaking is due to dog nervousness, dog psychologists recommend taking things slowly and giving your dog treats whenever he manages to stop dog leg shaking for even a few seconds. Gradually work up to longer periods of time without dog leg shaking.
Whether your dog is shaking their front or back legs, the first step to figuring out what’s going on with them understands why they are doing it. There are three likely reasons that a dog would shake its legs and each one should be considered before you make any assumptions about how to treat this behavior.
Dogs will often show different behaviors for many reasons so knowing these basics beforehand goes a long way in helping you figure out why your pet is acting up!

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