Why Does Lack of Sleep Affect Your Heart Rate?

It will not be a surprise if I tell you that heart is the most important organ of our body. It is responsible for pumping the blood in your body and it powers the circulatory system. Which means, it is the heart which makes sure that body is getting all the oxygen and tissues it needs. Now you must be thinking that you were looking for natural latex mattress and Pocket Spring Latex Mattress but you landed on this page which tells you the importance of heart, but, before going back, you need to understand that most of the heart problems are related to sleeping and sleeping is related to the mattress.

Today, we will talk about how sleeping affects your heart and how Pocket Spring Latex Mattress and natural latex mattress will help you in getting a good sleep and eventually, a healthy heart.

How a bad sleep affects your heart’s health?

Unfortunately, heart problems are a leading cause worldwide illness and deaths. Researches are conducted on this sector and it has been found that more than 20% deaths worldwide are caused by heart problems every year other major factors are serious illness, accidents, fire and unnatural deaths. However, it is already known that limited or no exercise, poor diet and smoking can affect your heart rate but heart rate problems due to the lack of sleep is getting its recognition. Sleeping provide a body the time to recharge and restore itself, which itself a key for various health benefits. A bad sleep is a nightmare for the cardiovascular system. A little or insufficient sleep can cause the problems like blood pressure, heart attacks, heightened risks of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. So, getting a good sleep can prevent these problems in future and people who are already suffering from these diseases, can adopt a healthy lifestyle by getting a good sleep with the help of different mattress available in the market as per your need such as natural latex mattress and Pocket Spring Latex Mattress.

Researches shows the evidences that a bad, little or fragmented sleep have negative effects on your body. Sleeping is the time when your body recuperates. During sleeping, your breath stabilizes, heart rate slows down and blood pressure drops. All these things reduce the pressure and stress on the heart and allow it to recover.

Without a sufficient night sleep, a person does not spend time in the deep stages of non-rapid eye movement (NREM), which is beneficial for body. Apart from that, during normal and healthy sleep, blood pressure drops by around 10-20 percent. This is known as nocturnal dipping, and research highlights it is healthy for cardiovascular system.

Heart problems an individual can face due to lack of sleep

Coronary Heart Disease – It is one of the leading heart diseases in United States. It is also known as the coronary artery disease and it happens due to the artery plaque build-up. It hardens the arteries and narrows it down to a condition known as atherosclerosis. In this, heart loses its ability to get enough blood and oxygen as per the needs of body. Research has identified that lack of sleep highly contributes in atherosclerosis. Poor sleep triggers chronic inflammation and as a consequence of inflammation, plaque forms which involves white blood cells and hardens the arteries.

Heart Failure – Heart pumps the blood in whole body and heart failure means heart is not working properly. Heart fails when the heart does not pump enough blood in the body to supply the oxygen which then result in non-functional organs, limbs and tissues. A study has found that 4,00,000 people found the direct connections between bad sleep and heart failure. People who sleep less than 7 hours per day, are on a high risk of heart failure. Mostly heart failure has been seen in people who are suffering from insomnia or unhealthy sleeping habits such as snoring, daytime or evening time sleeping. If a person shows the signs of unhealthy sleepiness, he/she is on high risk of heart failure.

Heart Attacks – Myocardial Infarction, also commonly known as heart attack, happens when blood flow in heart stops or gets blocked. Heart attacks may be fatal because it’s a serious condition where the heart does not get enough blood. Lack of sleep or fragmented sleep can increase the risk of heart disease. People who sleep less than 6 hours a day, are ate 20 percent higher risk of heart attacks than others. Sleeping gives heart time to recover and slow down, and in 6 hours of sleep, heart loses all the stress and function as new next morning.

As you have seen, what are the consequences of poor sleep, now let’s find out how Pocket Spring Latex Mattress and natural latex mattress can help you in getting good sleep and a better heart health.

Pocket Spring Latex Mattress – A right pad will build all the distinctions between a sound sleep and a sleepless night. A decent pad offers an ideal balance of needed comfort and support, keeping the natural spinal alignment and body posture in situ, try our Pocket Spring Latex Mattress to enhance the standard of Sleep.

A National Sleep Foundation survey finds that 92% of individuals say a snug pad is very important to a decent night’s sleep. However, still folks feel that purchasing a pad is a chic affair. Considering the health edges that it offers like assisting you to turn, improving your memory, and living longer, are you able to extremely place a tag on a mattress?

The groups of people square measure acquainted with sleep on a firm surface driven by the dogma that a firm surface ensures ideal back support. However, the reality is that a perfect sleeping surface ought to be an ideal mix of comfort and support distinctive to each individual’s body build and sleeping preferences. Typically, consumers get a pad-supported word of mouth. However, word of assurance offers peace of mind, but not peace to the spine. Pocket Spring Latex Mattress improves sleeping surface and affects body posture and sleep quality.

Natural Latex Mattress – If the pad is crucial for permanent sleep, that pad ought to shopper like better to buy. As everybody is aware innerspring mattresses square measure the foremost common kind sold-out, however, the trend is moving toward, Natural Latex Mattress beds having memory foam and alternative advanced materials. In India, fibre pads and plutonium foam are additionally well-liked.

According to the Director of Sleep, Robert Oexman D.C., the phrase “good mattress” is subjective. In line with him, the simplest pad for you is the one that feels right for you. He advises that to really choose what feels right, you may need to require a 20-minute pad to take a look at the bedding store—replicating the maximum amount as potential however you always sleep at your own nest with Natural Latex Mattress.

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