When Should I Use My Gun for Self-Defense?

Texas grants you the right to protect yourself from serious harm, and there are times when you can legally use your firearm for self-defense. Most people who carry guns do so with the understanding that it might be necessary to draw them in life-threatening situations. Fortunately, most people never actually have to do so. Thinking through common scenarios helps you plan for what you would do if the worst should ever happen. The firearms education professionals from LTC Austin, a top provider of LTC Austin – Online License to Carry classes, offer an explanation of when guns should be used for self-defense.

Protect Yourself from a Wild Animal Attack

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you’re more likely to be attacked by an animal than a human. In some parts of Texas, feral hogs are a concern in both suburban and rural areas. Stray dogs and other animals could also pose a threat to your safety. It’s always better to stay alert for signs of wild animals so you can avoid them. For instance, it might be better to turn down a different street rather than encounter a vicious dog. Shooting at an animal is only a good idea when it’s your only option for avoiding a violent injury.

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Guard Your Home or Family During a Break-In

Your home is your castle, and you should always feel safe within its walls. Texas law allows you to use your gun in self-defense if someone is attacking you or a family member on your private property. Keep in mind that you may have to prove your life was threatened. It’s also possible that a home invader might be carrying a weapon, which increases the chances of someone getting hurt in the crossfire. Only discharge your weapon if you have no other choice and you’re certain your family is out of the line of fire.

Stop a Vehicle Hijacking or a Kidnapping

Your vehicle is also considered a location where you might need to defend yourself or a loved one from attack. Carjackings are frightening, and you might need to use your weapon to stop someone from stealing your vehicle if he or she brandished a weapon. In many cases, it may be better to let the criminal take your vehicle, but you might need to use your gun for self-defense if it means he or she could take off with your child still in the vehicle.

Defend Yourself Against an Assault

In a perfect world, you’d feel perfectly safe jogging down a wilderness trail or walking through a dark parking lot at night. However, criminals often single out people who are alone and in vulnerable situations. Your gun could be a lifesaving tool if you’re caught in a situation where a violent assault on your body is imminent.

Use Good Judgment during Violent Public Encounters

One of the hardest things about claiming self-defense is that law enforcement officers tend to arrest anyone with a gun first and ask questions later. You’ll need to make sure you’re in the right before you draw your weapon. In public encounters, it’s usually best to avoid firing your gun whenever possible. If you do feel using your gun for self-defense is justified, only fire it when you know you have a clear line of sight with no innocent parties at risk of being shot.Whether you own and carry a gun for self-defense, hunting, competition, or another purpose, make sure you have the proper training to do it safely. You can count on the firearm education pros at LTC Austin for the highest-quality training available. If you’re looking for LTC proficiency testing or you want to take an Austin LTC online course, call us today at 512-766-3039.

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