What You Need to Know About Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing

Traveling with a company can be stressful and tedious. It can be challenging for you to find the right place for you and your team, even if you’re traveling for business. At the same time, you don’t wish to spend money on hotels that are not ideal or good enough for your needs. 

Corporate housing is one affordable, comfortable, convenient solution for corporate travel. The following are some information you should know about corporate housing. 

Corporate Housing Defined

Corporate housing is a temporary home for employees of organizations that need to relocate or accommodate their workforce but are unable to find affordable housing in the area. In other words, it’s like a hotel room, but you get your own living space.

Corporate housing differs from hotel rooms because it provides more amenities (e.g., kitchenettes) and often comes with access to common areas like gyms and workout rooms. These benefits make corporate housing an ideal option for people who want a more pleasant environment than staying at a budget motel.

However, they can also help save money if you’re looking forward to spending time away from work while also saving money on your commute back home after work ends.

Corporate Housing vs Hotels

Hotels are more expensive than corporate housing and corporate housing in Los Angeles comes with some extra perks. They have kitchens and laundries, which can be helpful if you love to do your chores like cooking or washing your clothes. 

If you’ve never stayed in a hotel earlier, having food, laundry, and other services on tab may seem like a luxury. But it also means that if someone’s coming over for dinner or just to hang out, your guests will have no space to stay or cook their own food (if you guys plan on doing so).

Hotels also often don’t provide living rooms or dining rooms; this makes sense when the whole purpose of staying at one is so that people can spend time together over meals or a casual conversation. 

Who Can Stay in Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a great way to save money and have a comfortable place to stay when you’re traveling for business or vacation. Corporate housing can be your best option if you need to stay in a hotel but don’t want the hassle of driving everywhere.

In addition to providing accommodations for travelers who need temporary living quarters while working on their projects, corporate housing also offers rooms for special events like conferences or conventions. 

Corporate housing service is perfect for those who are attending events like sports at local stadiums or arenas; you’ll have your own space where you can hang out with other people who share the same passion.

How Long Can One Stay in Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is an excellent option for people who need temporary housing and want to save money. It’s also good for those working in an area that doesn’t have many hotel options

It provides you with a bedroom, office space, kitchen, and washer/dryer space. You can stay in corporate apartments as long as you need to because it’s cost-effective.

It provides you with lease terms flexibility since they are flexible enough to adjust according to your needs and preferences. This way, the cost aspect stays low since there won’t be any hefty expenses involved compared to renting an apartment or house on your own accord.

Why Corporate Housing Is the Best Option?

It is the best option for anyone traveling for business because it’s cost-effective, affordable, and has many amenities you would not get with any other type of accommodation.

Also, it is an affordable option for business travel and has many amenities you would not get with a hotel.

It offers a variety of options that include:

  • Private bedrooms with beds, couches or chairs, desks and workstations in the room
  • Fully furnished kitchens (including refrigerators and washing machines)
  • Laundry facilities
  • On-site recreation areas such as gyms or pools

In addition to these benefits, it also offers other perks like:

  • Property management services
  • Reserved parking spaces
  • 24/7 security and maintenance 
  • Regular cleaning service
  • Concierge services

Let’s dive deep into the efficient benefits you can look forward to during your stay in corporate housing. 

Save Money

The first and foremost benefit of corporate housing is that you can save money. Corporate housing is an excellent way to save cash, especially if you’re paying rent on your own. 

You are well aware that the price of living in a city can vary widely depending on place and transport. It provides a great way for employees who work in different parts of town to live close together without having to pay exorbitant rates for their apartments (and without having to worry about finding roommates).

Have a Kitchen

Almost every corporate housing allows its clients access to kitchens within their facilities, which can be absolutely essential. There’s nothing more relaxing than cooking up some awesome meals after work has ended for the day. However, many people don’t want their kitchen space taken over by other people’s food waste or dirty dishes all day long while they’re working away at their desks. 

And that’s why having a kitchen at home is so important. It allows you to spend less time eating out and more time enjoying the comforts of home. Also, it can be a great way to save money on food each month.

Home Away Home Feeling

When you stay in it, you or your employees can enjoy all the benefits of a home away from home. They will have their apartments, complete with kitchen facilities and shared bathrooms; you can even bring their pets along! This gives you more flexibility when traveling with your team members because you don’t need to worry about where they’ll sleep at night or if any space will be available for dogs or cats.

Unwind Stress

It is great for business travelers because it allows you to relax after a long day of meetings and presentations. You can unwind in your apartments with a cup of tea or coffee, catch up on some much-needed sleep and get ready for the next day’s activities.


As you have just read, corporate housing is the best option for business travel. It has many perks you would not get with a hotel, such as a kitchen and dining area, free WiFi, and more. You can even stay in a luxury suite if you so choose. Book your stay in corporate housing and enjoy the world-class experience. 

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