What Kind of Packaging is Stronger to Ship or Export Your Products?

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Do your E-commerce products need durable packaging? If so, it is very important to choose the right kind of materials to ensure that your products stay safe, non-destructive, and reach their consumer at the lowest possible fraction of cost. When evaluating your options, consider the following things and choose what is best for your business growth. You cannot pack everything in custom reverse tuck boxes and think it will stay safe.

Mode of transportation

When you choose packaging materials for products, consider the method of transportation for the product. The transportation method will put a significant impact on packaging security and safety. If the parcels are transported by air, they must be prepared for atmospheric changes and turbulence of low oxygen levels. While transporting parcels by land, the packaging must be prepared for potentially rough roads and manual handling by people.


Exposure to humidity and moisture matters a lot if the product is transported by sea or in contact with rainwater during transportation. It will have a major impact on the type of packaging you want to select. Not all packaging options resist moisture well, such as corrugated cardboard. Paper is a living material that absorbs moisture and is not good for products. Factually, it may affect its ability to protect products.

Features of Product are essential to consider

The weight, shape, and size of this packaging are way more important if you choose the right packaging materials. The more information you have about the features of the actual product, the easier it is to determine the correct material for its packaging.


The correct size of the shipping container is one of the critical things to look at. Boxes or crates that are too large will cost you more money and take extra space in the container that can even damage the product during cargo shipment.


Your packaging solution must protect your item while keeping them at a reasonable temperature that suits your product. It is especially true if you are transporting perishable packages before choosing to package, consider the temperature fluctuations your product may face.


Affordability is another big issue that you need to keep in mind when securing the shipment process through packaging. Not all materials are hard and are affordable to use for the packaging. You need to choose the material that is strong enough to hold your package. With that, it is also essential that packaging is affordable to buy. You have to consider your budget when choosing packaging materials. It is considered during the initial cost of the packaging solution that you are choosing right now. If you go for cheaper packaging material, it is also not good. It will not secure your product from damage during shipment and eventually cost you more.

Product value

The value of your packaging must enhance the value of your product. Additionally, it will show the world that your company is offering valuable products. It is the only reason that helps you identify the need to choose a better material for packaging to keep them secure.


Fragile products that can be damaged easily require more careful protection than other durable items. If you are transporting some kind of fragile goods, you must consider some good material to transport your product in.

Targeted Consumer

When choosing packaging materials, it is also important to understand your target audience. If your business prides itself on environmental awareness, choosing recyclable packaging materials to best convey this message may be in your best interest.

Explore Different packaging options for your products

Wooden boxes

This packaging material is one of the safest and is being used for ages to transport heavy products from one place to another. Although this packaging material is a little costly, it makes your product premium. Mostly, it is used to pack high price products like jewelry and watches.

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is also known as cardboard packaging. Currently, It is one of the most popular and secure packaging materials in the market. It is mainly because of its low cost and secure properties. It is a great product if you ship small or lightweight products.

Plywood boxes

Plywood boxes usually provide better security during the shipment than any other materials we have discussed. Plywood boxes are usually lighter than wooden boxes we have mentioned before. Additionally, they are suitable for shipping and air transport.

The old Mighty Plastic

Plastic is another extremely versatile and durable material to pack your hand sanitizers product in. It is not surprising that it is very useful for even retail shipping or exporting wholesale. Hand sanitizer boxes can save your products. This material is lightweight and can hold way more weight than any other material on the market. Still, it hurts our planet’s health, and eventually, companies are trying to find its replacement.

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