How to Cope With Lifter Ticking Problems in a Bmw From Expert Bmw Service Birmingham?

Bmw Service Birmingham

BMW Service Birmingham:

When you are driving your BMW down the road or sitting lazy, and it starts to make an indicating sound, it can be demanding. BMWs can progress problems with their lifters, which comprise ticking to specify the more significant fundamental issues.

Lifter mechanisms are an essential part of your BMW’s engine. Regardless of the engine, your BMW partakes, its lifters are vital for appropriate function. If your lifters begin to tick, you’ll want to have your BMW beheld to regulate the cause of the problem. Let us handle our pros if you are in seek of BMW Service Birmingham.

Let’s look at all you want to know about this potential problem.


The N52 engine is a backbone in BMW’s listing, and while it is influential and polished, it also has a few complications. One of the N52 BMW engine’s key breakdowns is its predominant growth of engine beats.

At about 50,000 far, particularly for those in icier topographical areas, the engine ticking is supposed to take root. This arose for equal drivers who ignored preservation for the BMW and those who were meticulous about making service activities.

Consistent reasons for ticking comprise:

  • regular lifter wear and tear
  • a valve that has come out of adjustment
  • engineering issues with the specific style of lifter
  • lubrication issues
  • loss of internal oil pressure

Some of these reasons of lifter ticking worries are precise to BMW models, while others are common. You won’t justly know the source of your lifter ticking matter until you take your BMW into a skilled authorization to have it carefully assessed.

Till then, here’s what you can carry out to effort to help:

  • Drive your car as little as possible. While a lifter ticking problem may be a slight problem, it can sometimes lead to severe engine damage. It’s best to solve it immediately.
  • Look over your BMW and try to call again the last time you’ve had preservation and routine service. Working on your engine manually is not the best way, but providing info can give your technician a good awareness of where to begin.
  • Get your service annals prepared. If you’re keen-sighted a new BMW auto center than earlier, it’s accommodating to share what kind of services you’ve done and how often your mechanic can assess the problem more.
  • Bmw Service Birmingham
    Bmw Service Birmingham


Not every service repairability has the gears, staff, or knowledge to deal with the sign lifter ticking matters BMW models are identified to have. Certified BMW Service Birmingham mechanics have experienced hard training and testing to make sure they can work on even the most complex automobiles.

BMW models are exclusive in their gears and routine prospects, so it takes somebody with updated information of this brand to handle your BMW with the maintenance it deserves. To become ASE Certified, mechanics have to encounter the following supplies, which will set your mind at comfort when leaving your best BMW model in their custody:

  • Pass an ASE Certification test
  • Have practical automotive repair knowledge as a repair technician, parts professional, collision damage estimator, or service advisor for an established number of years per spot.


At GMP Autos, we know you need the job done right at the primary time. Our ASE Certified technicians are skilled in all BMW repair and car features so that we can meet that average. With several years of experience working BMW models, GMP Autos has made a status of fineness and trustworthiness among our customers.

BMW is just one of the countless luxury brands we repair and service, so you can rest guaranteed our mechanics have the knowledge it takes to get the job completed. Your BMW’s lifter ticking problem is a minor repair we make at our workshop, and we are sure to have you back on the road in no time.

Stay with GMP Autos, and let us look out for you and your BMW Service Birmingham. We are glad to take a guise and give you a fast diagnostic check or to fix the root cause. We’ll get you back on the road securely so you can drive with sureness yet again.


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