What is Facebook Touch and How it Helps user?


Facebook Touch is an extension of Facebook that provides a new way to input text, type and send messages without typing on a keyboard. With this application user can write, draw and paint with the help of their fingers anywhere. This app is customizable in such a manner that it can be used by people. Who are not visually impaired or low vision to use with their iOS devices.

Information about Facebook Touch App

In order to use this application, user needs to install, launch and activate the app on their device. Eventually, it will appear as a “Touched” feature within the Facebook apps. Users can choose to opt out from using Touch by turning the feature off from their settings.

Facebook Touch has use by government agencies and public officials. They use this application to communicate with its citizens by posting or sending their message or information through Facebook. It is also used by users who are not visually impaired or have low vision. To communicate with family and friends and share the information about what they are doing.

Guide and Tips about Facebook touch

Users can find a list of frequently asked questions about Facebook Touch here. Facebook has also provided its guide on how to use Touch here. While using Facebook Touch, user should take precautions for their safety, privacy and security.

The following are some tips on how to do so:

Since not all users who use Facebook app or website can use Touch, they have been wondering that why they will not be able to see the feature even after installing the application. In response to that question, Facebook has said that this feature is available only to a small number of users. The company is planning to improve it in such a manner that it will be available for more users in near future.

Facebook spokesman Say about Update

In an interview with Colby Moore, a Facebook spokesman has said that the company is always looking for ways to improve their products and services for visually impaired people. They will continue to make improvements to Touch in terms of user experience. Facebook has also mentioned that this feature is currently available only for iPhone users on iOS version 4.3 or later versions. The company plans to soon launch it on other mobile devices too.

On March 3, 2012, Facebook announced that they have stopped supporting the Facebook Touch application as from July 1, 2012. Even though this application was not available in all countries and languages, it certainly influenced millions of people around the world who use Facebook regularly either on PC or their mobile phone.

In the interview with Mashable, a Facebook spokesman said that they have discontinued this application to further build their product on the web. They have decided to focus on improving their mobile version of Facebook app where millions of people access Facebook each month. But for the users who still want to use Touch, there is an alternative for them. Many other apps and websites are available that are similar to Touch and can use by visually impaired people. It includes Message Me, Wonder App, Tap Talk and SwiftKey.

This article mentions some of these alternatives:

It is reported that Facebook wants to make its website more accessible for its users with disabilities. User can now get an option for Voice Over feature for websites and apps. This includes the Facebook app, Instagram, games and Marketplace. In addition to this update release on Tuesday, March 23rd, Snapchat has also currently updated its app so that it is more accessible to users with disabilities.

The soft launch of this option has already been released by Facebook on April 17th, 2013 at http://www.facebook.com/voiceover/. The choice of websites and apps which support the new feature will get changed soon as well in order to cater everyone’s needs. Facebook has finally updated its website to add a site accessibility checker by Google on March 24th, 2013 at Facebook.

New feature of Facebook to Engage more users

Facebook is also planning to launch this feature to its mobile site and apps soon so that users will be able to use it. The new accessibility feature has launch by Facebook in collaboration with American Council of the Blind. Facebook has developed Voice Over, a screen reader app for iOS and Android devices. This new app can help blind people, those with low vision or dyslexia to use their apps, games and websites in an easier way. This app is available free on iTunes and Google Play Store.

It is reported that this application useful for people not visually impair or low vision as well. Because they can use it as a tool for learning speech and language skills when they are using Facebook’s website or mobile apps like Messenger.

Voice Over

Voice Over app has design in such a manner that it can help people with these disabilities use websites or apps easily. This app will read the content out loud while they navigate on Facebook. In addition to this, users can also translate the text on Facebook to different languages from within the app.

Facebook has recently made a change to its News Feed design so that it will more accessible for visually impaired people. More than a million people with disabilities are users of Facebook and most of them use assistive technologies like screen readers or Braille displays for reading text on their devices.

Even though text on Facebook can now read out loud by Voice Over. There are still some problems that need to solve in this regard. This change by Facebook is set to address these issues. Voice Over is a powerful screen reader which can help blind people to access Facebook’s website and apps. This app will be useful for individuals who have low vision or dyslexia as well. If you are one of these people, you should definitely try this new feature that is introduce by Facebook. And make the website or app more accessible to you.


As the name suggests, Screen Reader Application allows users with visual impairment or low vision to access content. On their device using their computer mouse and keyboard or any other input devices. Such as trackball, joystick, head sticks etc. This application supports Windows 2000 and later versions. This application can used as a standalone or over a network. Users can use this program to provide audio feedback via headphones or speakers. To describe the screen content in real time and control their operating systems using voice commands.

This application is not an exact alternative to Facebook Touch but it is still beneficial. Those are visually impair and want to enjoy the benefits of Facebook app on their mobile phone. The touchscreen version of Facebook’s website is available for free on iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch users. This app can downloaded for free from App Store on your iOS device and it provides Voiceover support as well.

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