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essential eCommerce features

Commencing and expanding an eCommerce store is a valuable investment for any entrepreneur or brand. Every online store wants to boost its conversions. But sometimes, even if they try hard to deploy a basic eCommerce marketing strategy, they will miss it a little bit.

According to Statista, eCommerce retail sales are anticipated to rise to $6.54 trillion at the end of 2022. If you want to be a part of this growth with your retail eCommerce business, you need to excel in your presence in the ever-changing digital market.

So are you looking for different ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce website? Don’t know how to begin? This post will guide you to try out how to convert your one-time visitors into customers.

#1. Mobile-Friendly Website

These days, a responsive and mobile-friendly website is everything a customer needs. People will leave a site if it is not optimized for smartphones. So any brand needs to deliver the best possible experience to mobile users.

Along with responsiveness, make sure your mobile site does not take long to load. If not, visitors will get frustrated and never come back. So speed optimization is also necessary to get more traffic. Improve site rankings and visibility with SEO techniques.

#2. Personalization

Find out customer’s preferences and interests to send them personalized marketing messages. Make messages more relevant and targeted according to your customers’ likings. Shoppers choose the sites which offer personalized recommendations.

If you promote more relevant products, the chances are higher that customers will attract easily. You need to offer them the customized shopping experience they are actually searching for. This sort of customer personalization will aid in customer acquisition and retention.

#3. Live Chatting

Live chat helps you to solve customers’ queries in real-time. It will aid customers in solving their concerns before deciding on any product purchase. Ultimately it will boost conversion rates and deliver a great shopping experience to your customers.

There are multiple reasons customers love to use live chat, and saving time is one of the reasons. It is an efficient communication method through which customers get quick responses. They are more likely to buy after utilizing the live chat feature on a website.

#4. Flexibility to Purchase

You can leverage multi-channel marketing strategies that enable your customers to purchase from anywhere, whether they are on the website or on different social media platforms.

You can expand your brand reach by marketing your products on mobile commerce, eCommerce, and social eCommerce. It is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to leverage the right tools and include essential eCommerce features.

#5. Follow up Emails

Send follow-up emails to your existing and potential customers. Generate automated email campaigns as it drives high revenue compared to non-automated emails.

If you do not send emails to subscribers means there are more chances you miss out on your sales. Welcome mail campaigns also do the best job compared to standard newsletters. So if you are confused about how to begin with a follow-up email, just start with the welcome email campaign. It will take your email marketing to the next level.

#6. Competitive Analysis

Other similar eCommerce stores in your niche help you to strengthen your marketing strategies. It happens that they have experienced many different tactics you have not even acknowledged yet to apply.

You need to analyze the method they are working on, factors that affect driving traffic, and user-engagement strategies. All these areas can impact your many decisions for business growth.

#7. Filters and QR codes

Filters on different social media platforms can deliver unique shopping experiences to users. Such as Levi’s, a denim brand that enables Snapchat users to scan QR codes to try Jackets virtually. Kylie Jenner’s makeup brand enables Instagram users to try out cosmetic products virtually.

Dynamic QR codes help users to unlock new offers at different times in a day. Amazon sent a toy Catalog to its million customers having QR codes in it to shop for the toys.

#8. Push Notifications

There is no need to download a mobile app to get notified of any offers and discounts if you provide web or browser push notifications to your customers. Unlike mobile app push notifications, web notifications work on desktop and mobile browsers only.

Communication through this method is very compelling. It helps you to engage customers at different stages of their buying journey and keep in touch constantly.


If you want to sell on digital platforms, eCommerce marketing strategies are probably to be done compulsorily. It aids build brand awareness among the targeted audience that ultimately raises sales and conversions.

To steal the show and go the extra mile, reassure you hang on with the best eCommerce marketing strategies or wooCommerce developers possible in the market.

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