What does hormonal acne look like?

What does hormonal acne look like?

Acne is a prevalent skin problem, and hormonal imbalance is a very common cause. Let us understand why it occurs and the best treatment for hormonal acne. Acne is not just about pimples that you encounter in your youth. So what does hormonal acne look like?There is a difference between these pimples and hormonal acne. Experts like Healthy Remedies Australia say that hormonal acne is related to the imbalance in the hormones that leads to cyclical breakouts. It may usually erupt during the menstrual cycle, menopause, PCOS, or postpartum period. It is a time when the body experiences hormonal shifts.

Causes of hormonal acne:

The fluctuations in the progesterone and estrogen hormones cause hormonal acne. It generally fluctuates during the menstrual cycle and affects the testosterone levels in a female. In addition, the stress hormone can also lead to hormonal acne. Due to the imbalance in the hormonal level, the oil production of the skin increases, leading to the eruption of acne.  

Signs that show your acne are hormonal:

A lot of signs tell that acne is hormonal. A few common signs of hormonal acne are:

  1. You are no more a teen

Hormonal acne usually attacks you in your 20s, as this is the time when these hormones are very active. In addition, this is the childbearing age, and there are a lot of hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Genetics also plays a crucial role in hormonal breakouts. 

  1. The acne erupts around the jawline or chin

The hormonal acne usually erupts around the jawline or chin. It is because a lot of oil clogs up the pores in this area. The oil glands are stimulated by these hormones around the chin and jawline. Acne may also appear on your chest, back, and shoulders.

  1. Acne breakouts happen in a cyclic pattern

Hormonal acne appears in a cyclical pattern, usually around the dates of the menstrual cycles. It is the time when there is a fluctuation in the progesterone and estrogen levels. 

  1. When you are stressed

The stress hormone, Cortisol, affects the other hormones, leading to hormonal fluctuations. Therefore, acute stress can lead to hormonal acne growth as it negatively impacts the hormonal levels in the body.

What needs to be done?

To get rid of hormonal acne, you need to have a regular skincare routine. You should regularly wash your face at least twice a day. Apply significantly fewer acne products as they may dry up the skin and cause irritation. Use natural products on the skin, and do not forget sunscreen. 

Diet plays a vital role in hormonal acne cure. Some foods have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help cure acne. Foods rich in antioxidants reduce inflammation and help you get clear skin. The diet must be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. You need to limit the intake of dairy products, sugar, refined carbs, and red meat. 


Though hormonal acne may be unavoidable due to the changes in hormones, the effect varies from person to person. You can prevent breakouts by being proactive. It takes around nine to ten weeks for any treatment to show its full effect. Eat healthily, use natural acne home treatments, and talk to the dermatologist if the problem persists.

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