What Are the Warning Signs of Fake CBD Products?

Warning Signs

CBD products are no longer new to the public, especially as more people confirm their many health and recreational benefits. As more people are getting their hands on this super supplement, there’s a probability that counterfeit products may arise. Legalizing CBD in the United States opened the door of opportunities to many who want to get into the business.

Since then, there has been a litany of CBD vendors on every corner producing various items. It makes it easy for some vendors to create fake products. There have been many attempts to track fake CBD vendors, bring them to justice, and destroy counterfeit products. However, the war against counterfeit CBD products might last longer than you expect. While efforts are ongoing to stop the production of fake CBD products, you can also play a part in keeping yourself and others around you safe.

To protect yourself from counterfeit products, here are the warning signs of fake CBD products you should look out for and how to spot them

Read the label

Some CBD producers sell products without providing adequate or no information on the company’s product. Without a well-detailed label, tracking the merchant if any issue arises from using the product may prove futile. This may endanger lives and shows that such sellers cannot be trusted. If the product has no label, that’s a major red flag

Check the nutritional information

There are specific conditions for packaging CBD products. These guidelines ensure that the products are high quality and are safe for consumption. For instance, every container must contain the following information:

  • name of the brand
  • quantity of tablets in the container
  • volume (for liquids) or net weight of the container
  • nutritional value of the container’s content (in milligrams per serving).

If the container is missing any of the following information, you should be wary of the product and the seller; it could be fake

Check the type of container

When it comes to CBD, you must pay attention to specific details. There’s no sure way of knowing how potent a CBD product is if you haven’t used it. Yet, you can tell how rich a CBD product is just by looking at the container. CBD reacts to ultraviolet rays. This is why you notice that CBD products usually come in dark glass containers to protect them from direct light. When in contact with UV light, CBD breaks down and becomes less potent. This is why you should avoid buying CBD products in a clear plastic container. Even if the seller has the best intentions or sells original CBD products, they would have lost potency in a clear bottle

Exaggerated promises

CBD has many mental and physical health benefits, including stress, chronic pain, and negative moods. It is unethical to promise what your product doesn’t offer when selling CBD products. Yet, some merchants tend to overpromise. Some even make claims that are not medically proven and can be misleading. However, some CBD products do manage severe conditions well. For instance, Sunday scaries are perhaps the most sought-after gummy bears on the market. They can help you manage stress well, keep you in an elevated mood and help you avoid a nervous breakdown. You may click here to read more about Sunday scaries CBD gummies and their benefits. Thus, whenever you find out that a CBD vendor’s product overpromises or uses the word “cure” carelessly, they likely sell fake.

Vet the seller

The 2018 Farm Bill, which signaled the legalization of CBD products, comes with its demerits; the outpour of unlicensed merchants. While the number of well-meaning and registered CBD vendors exceeds the non-registered, there still are many unlicensed ones online. Thus, vet the seller to be sure that they have a license. If they don’t have a license, you can’t trust their products.

Ridiculously cheap products

Everyone wants to cut costs by purchasing the most affordable products. However, it would be best to be wary of some ridiculously cheap offers. You want to buy quality products at a discount. Still, it would help to pause when you realize the significant disparity in prices between conventional sellers or products and the one you’re considering. Be wary of those significantly cheaper products than the average market price products. They may be affordable due to the low quality of the product.

Check the physical condition of the product

Another vital sign to look out for in a fake CBD product is the color. CBD products ought to be green since they are plant-based substances. Thus, if the product’s color is not green or apparent, it is likely a fake. A clear-colored product could mean losing the majority of its potency. In most cases, a clear, non-green CBD product is inorganic or lab-generated. Steer clear of such products to keep yourself safe.


The availability of CBD products in nearly every corner makes it easier to purchase these products. However, it has caused an increase in the number of unlicensed dealers who sell fake. Identifying the many signs of counterfeit CBD products can save you from falling prey to them. These signs are crucial, from checking the product label to ensuring that it retains its green color. Don’t mind the price of CBD products at reputable stores; always prioritize quality.

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