How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Delta 8 Disposable?

Delta 8 Disposable

One of the frequently asked questions by new vapers pertains to the average cost of vape devices.

Right off the bat, it’s worth mentioning that the actual cost varies depending on numerous factors, and price differences between two similar devices aren’t uncommon. Therefore, settling the real question isn’t the actual cost of vaporizers and their attachments. Instead, it’s the factors that influence the pricing of these products.

This post takes a close look at the cost of delta-8 disposables. The article shall highlight the pricing range of delta-8 disposables, focusing on the primary aspects influencing the price of these products. You can also click here to learn more about disposable delta 8 carts, including where to source quality delta-8 cartridges and make the most of these vape devices.

But before we dig deeper into the topic, it would help to understand what delta-8 disposables are.

Understanding Delta-8 Disposables

The best way to understand delta-8 disposables is to start from the very beginning. That includes splitting the word into its primary constituent forms – delta-8 and disposables.

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 is an isomer of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychotropic substance in cannabis. An isomer is one of two or more forms of the same compound with an identical chemical formula but a different structural appearance.

It’s worth noting that delta-8 and other THC isomers (such as delta-9 and delta-10) can provide certain therapeutic benefits besides their recreational applications. Common issues you can resolve using delta-8 THC include pain, inflammation, low appetite, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

What Are Disposable?

The apparent meaning of the word “disposable” is anything that can be gotten rid of, usually after a short duration of use. But concerning cannabis consumption, the term generally implies disposable vape devices.

Note that there are several ways to consume marijuana. Common ones include:

  • Administering cannabis tinctures sublingually.
  • Ingesting cannabis edibles.
  • Applying cannabis-based cosmetic products topically.
  • Vaping cannabis e-juices.

Disposables are vape devices designed to be used once, after which they should be discarded. These devices may also be known as single-use vapes.

Disposable vapes can assume any form, based on the specific vaporizer in question. Common ones include disposable carts and disposable wax pens.

Now, delta-8 disposables refer to disposable vaporizers containing delta-8 THC. These devices usually come with an in-built tank pre-filled with delta-8-based e-juice.

What Is The Cost Of Delta-8 Disposables?

Delta-8 disposables can cost anywhere from $20 to $50. However, the prices can stretch up to $100 for a single vape device.

As we mentioned, numerous factors affect the final cost of delta-8 disposable devices. Some of those factors include;

The Size

When you think about the size of a delta-8 disposable, the focus shouldn’t be on the vaporizer as a unit. Instead, it should be on the actual tank capacity.

An equally more significant vaporizer would ideally support a larger vape tank. However, some vape devices can be disproportionately smaller than their tanks.

Now, a larger tank will hold more e-juice than standard tanks. And a higher e-juice capacity can dramatically increase the final cost of the whole device.

For instance, the cost of a delta-8 disposable with a 30 ml tank might be $40, while a similar-sized disposable with a 20 ml tank would fetch $30.

The Brand

Generally, a plate of French fries is considerably higher in established fast-food chains like KFC than in lesser-known restaurants. The same logic applies to delta-8 disposables.

Renowned delta-8 vape suppliers would easily leverage their better brand recognition to apply higher product markups.

However, this isn’t always the case. Some famous vape traders price their delta-8 disposables reasonably below the industry rates.

The logic here is that since the company already enjoys tremendous brand recognition, it will still attract more customers than its lesser-known competitors. And a bigger clientele would translate to higher overall profits.

The E-Juice Composition

Delta-8-infused e-juices may not necessarily contain delta-8 as the only compound. These liquids could also have other common e-juice ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings, and even nicotine.

The inclusion of all these components will undoubtedly push the cost of a delta-8 disposable higher.

The price of your delta-8 disposable might go even higher based on the potency of delta-8 THC and the other ingredients in the compound.

You could pay as low as $20 for a delta-8 disposable if the e-juice contains a paltry 5% concentration of delta-8. But the same device could set you back upwards of $50 if the potency of delta-8 in the e-liquid is, say, 20%.

Whether You Are Buying Online or Offline

Buying delta-8 disposables online offers several advantages over shopping from physical stores. Examples include the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your couch plus access to a wide variety of retailers.

Online shopping for delta-8 disposables also tends to be cheaper than buying these products from brick-and-mortar stores. That’s mainly due to online retailer’s amazing discounts and cashback.

However, be sure to read the shipping policy of an online delta-8 disposable carefully to ensure there are no hidden fees, such as shipping fees and commissions on payment processing.

Wrap Up

There’s no standard cost for all delta-8 disposables. The price depends on numerous factors, the main ones of which we’ve highlighted above. We hope you can purchase a high-quality

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