What are the Tourist Attraction Points in Blue World City?

What are the Tourist Attraction Points in Blue World City?

Torch Hotel

This innovative hotel is situated in a torch-shaped building in Doha and includes a spinning cafe and a scenic view of the city. In addition, it consists of an infinite pool, a health club, and beauty shops.

All lodgings at The Torch Hotel in Doha consist of central air conditioning, a minimart & a personal bathroom. In addition, the accommodation features a light disposition framework with 12 various colour choices. All are friendly, elegantly modern, and involve free Wi-Fi. Every day, breakfast is also available at the expensive Flying Carpet restaurant. Tourists can appreciate Italian pasta varieties and meats from the Mediterranean for the banquet. For more info about blue world city Islamabad payment plan 2022 contact us on this link.

Rumi Square

The renowned scholar Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi was a famous  Persian philosopher and saint of the13th century. He changed the scope of wisdom and information through his original style and methodology. Rumi’s influence extends beyond continents and cultures, as seen by the crowds of devotees who come to his tomb in Konya.

One of the city’s principal squares is now known as Maulana Rumi Square, and it features a finely carved sculpture of the renowned saint in his whirling swirl pose. The visitors will be captivated by the mystical aura of this 70-foot-tall artwork lit at night.

  • A dedication to the saint from the 13th century Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi


  • 70 feet high
  • In his dervish swirl pose, the precisely sculpted Sculpture
  • Night-lit Sculpture that exudes a sense of spirituality

Villaggio Mall

The Villaggio shopping area, which offers both shopping and entertainment, is located inside Aspire Zone and contrasts the vibrant options with actual demand. There are numerous options, ranging from inexpensive to comfortable. Villaggio might be a one-stop, family-friendly (though possibly pricey) destination for anything from clothing to gems, quick bites to lazy dinners, movies, or theme parks. The Mall divides into two sections: one geared toward middle-class customers that resembles a classy shopping mall in the USA, and the upscale side with elevated beauty and fashion brands. Villaggio Shopping Center, a shopping and entertainment complex with Venetian-inspired architecture, is one of the most notable shopping centres in the Inlet from a structural standpoint.

The most distinctive features are the indoor canal and a few practical chairlifts that transport visitors through the shopping mall. Under Villaggio’s fake sky, bridges over canals lead by the odd royal poses; the setting is unquestionably picturesque.

The replica of the famous Villagio Mall in Qatar will be delivered to BWC Sports Valley’s inhabitants and provide a tourist area for those in Islamabad and Pakistan.

Night Safari

The first night safari in Pakistan will be in the Blue World City. The Night Safari and zoo are developing with genuine excitement and thrills, giving off the impression of a jungle kingdom. The distinctive location in a private and safe setting adds to the progressive structures’ allure.S

You will see a variety of creatures at night, among them the fascinating nocturnal wildlife, for the first time in Pakistan’s history. As a result, you will get the chance of a lifetime to get up close and personal with your favourite animals, such as lions, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras, antelope, bears, jackals, leopards, llamas, and many others.S

Highlighted Features

  • The Night Safari & Zoo’s Standout Features Include:
  • Safari Tour
  • Exotic Breeds of Animals
  • Animal Express
  • Play Area
  • Absolute Safety
  • Cafés And A Fast Food Court
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