How Overseas can book a plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

How Overseas can book a plot in Kingdom Valley Islamabad?


Kingdom Group created the PHATA-approved residential Society known as Kingdom Valley Islamabad. In addition, the M-2  Motorway is nearby of Society. Moreover, Mr Ghulam Hussain serves as the President of this fantastic housing organization.

 Because Kingdom Valley has created in partnership with the “NPHS”, an exceptional residential society, it has earned the reputation as the most reliable development in the twin cities. Furthermore, the developers are developing innovative infrastructure, a secured gated neighbourhood, Jamia Mosque, a stunning amusement park, Top-notch hospitals, and schooling to provide the residents of Kingdom Valley with the most tranquil yet opulent lifestyle possible. In addition, to all of this, the Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan is the primary reason which attracts buyers. Therefore, the booking process for Kingdom Valley is the subject of this blog.

Kingdom Valley Legitimate Society

The developers of Society have the authorized NOC since it wins the buyers’ confidence. Therefore, the NPHS has given Kingdom Valley legal standing. It is reliable because it is a component of that project. 

Additionally, it guarantees that local development will take place. The authorized project is more likely to succeed and will have finished on schedule. Therefore, the NPHS has granted the NOC for the project. 

Kingdom Valley Location

The Chakri junction is not far from this Society. The idea is a flagship project due to its position in the district of twin cities. The unique Mumtaz City, the magnificent BWC, and the stunning Smart Society CSC housing complexes, among others, are close to this Society. It is also a few km from the direction of the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. 

Connections to DHA, the international airport, and beautiful Bahria Town are also close to the Society. Various highways in the twin cities lead to the condominium complex, including Rawalpindi Military Academy.

Extraordinary Masterplan

Society’s designers have skillfully created and carried out the grand plan. The Society’s emphasis on development has covered a total o fifteen Kanal covers a total of fifteen Kanal. The expansive method for the housing project comprises a state-of-the-art infrastructural system, great amusement parks, state-of-the-art health centres, and other delights. 

Consultants also highly suggest buyers spend cash on this estate so they may benefit from the latest services and features. This Society’s creators divided it into beautiful blocks to increase its appeal. These blocks consist of

  • Overseas Executive Block
  • General Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Kingdom Farmhouses
  • Kingdom Villas

Overseas Executive Block

The developers have developed his block, particularly for the Pakistani residing outside the country. The developers understand the needs of overseas Pakistanis and ensure to provide them with the most lucrative deal and serene and peaceful area to dwell. 

Therefore, anything one might desire, from luxury to extravagance, is included in the kingdom valley overseas block.  Additionally, it must make Pakistanis who reside abroad feel valued. And to aid in that, the nation has established an apartment block for visitors. 

As all realize that Pakistanis from other countries account for a substantial portion of the nation’s wealth, thus the block offers all the conveniences and luxuries a person might need for a more exceptional standard of living. 

The overseas executive block includes playgrounds, shopping centres, medical facilities, Masjids, learning places, the best healthcare services, a secured gated community, and cemeteries. In addition, numerous plots are available for Pakistanis who reside outside of the country. The residential property available in the overseas block is

  • 8-Marla
  • 12-Marla
  • 16-Marla

Remarkable Feature

  • Secured & Reliable Setting
  • Security motoring throughout the guarded neighbourhood
  • Green and clean surroundings, ideal for leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Within moments, access to the M-2 Motorway and Airports Road
  • All future buildings in the Society will retain reasonable costs and high amenities
  • Store, Shopping Malls & a Range of Open Spaces for more diverse social events
  • Society developers have offered unique inexpensive properties on the scheme’s periphery for people who want to own a larger plot at a lesser price with even larger outdoor land compared to all other holdings in the scheme
  • Convenient access to the city’s various neighbourhoods via major routes

How Overseas Can Book A Block 

The booking process at Society is relatively straightforward. This blog aims to clarify buyers’ booking process so they do not have any misunderstandings while investing in this residential building. 

Step 1

For more accurate information and truthful information, contact trustworthy real estate consultants. For more information, frequently visit the official website of the Society.

Step 2

Contact the Lead Marketing office to reserve your property in Kingdom Valley. The sales representatives will give customers the request form, which customers must complete with the necessary information.

Step 3

Along with the form, placed mandatory documents. These documents are as follows

  • CNIC and NICOP photocopies of the buyer
  • CNIC photocopies of the buyer after kin
  • Latest passport-sized pictures of buyers
  • Attach deposit slip 

Step 4

The buyers have to pay the deposit of the property with the registration form, like

The deposit of the overseas executive block

  • The deposit for 8-Marla is Rs 150,000/-
  • The deposit for 12-Marla is Rs 210,000/-
  • The deposit for 16-Marla is Rs 280,000/-

The process begins with a ten per cent deposit, and additional charges have expected before and after the vote. 

Additionally, due to their better locations, corner sites, properties facing parks, and plots on key roads will cost extra. Finally, a fifteen per cent payment is required if the land is on a busy route. The customers must have paid all these costs to purchase a property in this block. For more info about kingdom valley Islamabad location map contact us on this link.

Consideration Before Booking Plots

There are a couple of things to consider for making an investment in this magnificent home project. First, pay the debts on schedule to avoid delays in obtaining the estate. Second, the plots that the management has offered typically sell out rapidly. 

So starting to invest now will be a wise decision. Furthermore, this block provides excellent facilities. Thus investing here is a requirement. This home development is fantastic, which provides yet another factor to consider. 

Due to its proximity to the M2 freeway and the Islamabad  Airport, the area is relatively accessible. These are essential items that can be obtained by those who reside abroad thanks to this Society.


Investors of Society will benefit significantly from doing so. People adore how convenient and affordable it is. Additionally, individuals from other nations are receiving assistance from this residential project. 

This housing organization offers countless luxuries with access to all services, from convenience to elegance. There’s a Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan available with the purchase of plots. Whether you are an owner within or outside the nation makes no difference. All must live in this neighbourhood.

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