Warrior Woman: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Badass

You are a warrior. You are strong, and you are fierce. You have the potential to be the best version of yourself. And this guide will help you get there,  as long as you put in the work.

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Taming the Inner Critic

The inner critic is the voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough. It can be the voice of someone else, such as a parent or authority figure, but it could also be yours. The inner critic can be a good thing if it helps you improve yourself and reach goals, but too much criticism will make you feel inadequate.

There are ways to tame your inner critic and make it work for rather than against your best interests:

Try to identify where this voice comes from so that you can see if there are external factors contributing to its presence in your life.

Has someone said something similar to what the inner critic says? Is this person controlling or abusive? Are they using fear tactics and threats in an attempt to keep control over their victim’s thoughts?

If so then chances are high that this person has been hard-wired into how we perceive ourselves through conditioning which leads us back into believing how others view us rather than how we truly see ourselves.

Being Able to Meet Your Own Needs

Self-care is important. It’s not a luxury, it’s not selfish, and it’s not a one-time thing. Self-care isn’t something you do when you feel like it or when someone else forces you to.

It’s time to stop thinking of self-care as something that happens only in certain circumstances, like after an injury or after an argument, and start seeing it for what it really is: an essential part of daily life that must be practiced consistently.

Connecting with Others

In this section, we’ll talk about how important it is to connect with others. You might think that connecting with others is only important if you want to be social or meet your significant other, but the truth is that connecting with others can help you in many ways.

Connecting with others helps us grow as people and feel good about ourselves because we get a sense of validation from others when they accept our ideas and thoughts. It also helps us learn new things by exposing us to different perspectives than our own.

The last reason why people need to connect with other people is that it allows them to feel understood, something most humans crave deeply. To feel understood means that someone else understands what we’re going through on some level, even if it’s just a small part of their experience.

Letting Go of Outmoded Beliefs and Emotions

When it comes to letting go of outmoded beliefs and emotions, you must first understand what they are. An outmoded belief is any thought that was once useful, but which can now be considered outdated or counterproductive. Outmoded emotions are feelings that no longer serve you in your life, they’re a sign of past trauma, loss, pain, and suffering that have been internalized. These old thoughts and feelings have no place in your life if you wish to become a warrior woman. Letting go of these outdated beliefs and emotions means:

  • You’ll feel lighter and more open-minded as though the weight has been lifted off your shoulders;
  • You’ll be able to breathe easier because there will no longer be any stressors weighing down on you;
  • Your mind will become clearer so that you see things more clearly than ever before (because there isn’t anything obstructing its view).

Creating a Foundation of Health

Health is a foundational aspect of the Warrior Woman lifestyle, and it is essential that you prioritize your health over your looks.

I’m not saying don’t work out or get in shape, you should. But if you’re too busy trying to look like someone else’s idea of beauty, then you will never have enough time for yourself. If your primary focus is on improving your health and fitness goals, however, then you can use those accomplishments as motivation to keep moving forward in all other areas of life.

If we could distill this philosophy into six words: “Be healthy so that one day soon we may be able to be strong.”


So, what does it mean to be a warrior woman? It means you have the courage to look inward and confront your demons, and when you do, you won’t be afraid to face them. It means that when you fail, you pick yourself up again without losing hope for the future. It means that when someone else hurts you, they won’t break your spirit because they can never destroy what was already there: strength. And finally, it means that no matter what comes next in life, nothing can stop us from being as strong as we want so long as we keep working hard at being better versions of ourselves every single day.

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