How to Optimize Internet Connection for Gaming?


Imagine having top-of-the-line gaming gadgets and drivers and still being on the losing side – would it not hurt?

This can happen on account of a poor internet connection. If you have a below-par internet speed, nothing can help you from losing even a pre-win game. So, for winning or even playing an online game, you need to have a suitably fast internet supply. Gamers with adequate gaming equipment can rule the online gaming arena if they have a stable and fast internet connection.

In order to attain an immersive gaming experience, you need to have a sound and stable internet service. However, only this is not enough. A lot of underlying factors can play role in destabilizing your online gaming experience and here are some ways you can optimize your speeds:

1.    Subscribe to a decent internet plan

First things first, you need to evaluate your internet requirements. Subscribing to a service that offers more bandwidth than your needs is going to drill a hole in your wallet, on the other hand, if you have an internet plan that does not fulfill your requirements, you might never get satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to understand the level of your internet usage before connecting to any internet provider.

For gamers and streamers, it is recommended to subscribe to an internet plan that has an unlimited data allowance. For instance, Ziply Fiber Internet offers symmetric fiber speeds without any data limitation and that too, at minimal rates starting from $20 a month.

In the event that you are content with the services that your current ISP offers but occasionally experience lagging, you ought to consider upgrading your internet plan. Sometimes, the problem is not with the provider but with the plan and so once you will be getting more bandwidth, your gaming experience will get better.

Getting a better internet plan would provide the right level of bandwidth to all associated devices making it simpler for the users to stream, game, and work simultaneously.

2.    Employ Ethernet Connection

Contrary to the popular belief, Ethernet or wired connections are far better than their wireless counterparts. Despite how extraordinary your connection and router are, an Ethernet connection will dependably give faster internet speeds and minimize lag. On such an account, you should connect your PC or gaming console with the router utilizing an Ethernet link during an intense gaming session. We know that this might be inconvenient for some people; however, the stability and speed would justify the hassle.

Here, one important thing to ensure is that your Ethernet ports are sufficient to deal with 1,000 Mbps of internet speeds. You should also use house cables that can uphold fast internet conversions like Cat 6 and Cat 5e.

In case, your router is evidently far from your PC or gaming console and you cannot associate it with an Ethernet link, there are various ways for you to engineer a wired connection. Electrical cable connectors can be used for this matter. Notwithstanding, Wi-Fi range extenders are a clear no. You might also ease up this situation by deploying a mesh network.

Bottom line is that if your router is in good shape, switching to Ethernet works wonders for speed and lag.

3.    Update Your Drivers

Sometimes, you might face slow internet and lag because of outdated drivers and firmware. As such, make sure to check your system and drivers consistently for updates to ensure that your firmware is up-to-date.

4.    Reposition Your Router

You might find this surprising but physical hindrances like walls and ceilings are a genuine justification for poor internet speeds. The distance between your router and device plus the number of gadgets connected to the same network can have a severe impact on the internet speed.

Since this is a wireless connection, any physical obstacles (for instance: ceilings, floors, dividers, furniture), electrical impedance, distance, and the number of gadgets using the same connection are factors that ought to be considered.

In case you are utilizing a single router, move your router to a central point so that all the rooms can have equal access to the internet. To get the best signal level, you should place your router at an elevated position, away from electronics exhibiting radio waves.

Another thing that you can do is to position the antennas of your router at 90 degrees. In basic words, you should attempt to point the antennas in every direction of the house. Furthermore, a Wi-Fi upheld gadget can work in the best way if its receptors are as per the router’s antennas.

5.    QoS of Router

The Quality of Service or simply QoS is a component to control bandwidth in the routers. With the help of this part, you can arrange your web network traffic.

When playing an intense game, you can engage this QoS feature so that if some other gadget is stirring up the bandwidth, the prioritization of traffic would help with ensuring that your game does not bear a leeway.

6.    Change Your Router

If you have not changed your router for quite a while, this may be the best chance for an update. Most modern routers are more viable in dealing with bandwidth supply across significant distances than their older models. One more phenomenal part that is instilled in present-day routers is their ability to coordinate bandwidth by the meaning of web traffic.

A single-band router is light and can be debilitated by hindrance because of which you may feel inclined towards a dual or a tri-band router. Dual-band routers use two bands, with one having a 2.4 GHz frequency and the other having a 5 GHz frequency for quick internet speeds. Tri-band routers have one band with a 2.4 GHz frequency and two bands offering a 5 GHz frequency each, giving super-quick internet speeds. If your network supports a large number of devices, a tri-band router should be your preference.

If you have an upscale router but still experience speed issues, you might want to just restart it. As absurd as it sounds, please note that restarting your router actually does work.

Wrapping Up

If you are an avid gamer, you would already know the importance of real-time actions and reflexes in online gaming. If your internet connection suffers lag, you might lose even after playing the winning goal and that would be on account of your server being slow in responding. Since the objective is to eliminate such instances, make sure to understand all the points discussed in this article.

In the event that none of the aforementioned tips work, you should contact your internet provider to discuss the matter.


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