Top 5 Best WhatsApp Apk Versions

Those who love the use of the popular mobile app, WhatsApp, have an option to choose from a wide variety of versions, but there are some that have been known to perform best. You will want to make sure that you are using the apk version that is compatible with your device.

Whatsapp Blue

Developed by a third party developer, WhatsApp Blue is a modified version of the popular messaging app. It allows you to customize the look and feel of the app. It also offers a number of interesting features.

The app allows you to install themes and change the background color. You can also upload different pictures for each contact in the app. It also comes with a built-in downloader feature. This makes it the fastest way to send messages.

You can also send messages to any WhatsApp number without saving. The app can also be used in offline mode. In this mode, you can send messages to contacts even if you are not connected to the internet. You can also block certain people from calling you.

TM Whatsapp

TMWhatsApp Apk is an ad-free chat app which has several useful features. It offers you the freedom to control your status, conversations and more. It provides you with end-to-end encryption security for your data.

Whatsapp has an auto-reply mode, which lets you send messages without having to worry about replying manually. This feature is useful for busy people. It can help you stay in touch while you’re away from your phone. You can also backup your contacts and messages. It’s easy to use.

It allows you to share videos, audios, photos and documents up to 100 MB. You can even send an auto-reply message while you’re offline. You can also change the background, font size and colors of the app.

Whatsapp offers you the option to hide your online or last seen status. You can also choose which contacts you want to show your status to. You can even hide your notification area, so that your message isn’t always visible to other users.

GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp Apk version is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. It is free to download and install. It has many features that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp. This modified version also has a new theme feature.

It allows users to send large files. For example, you can send up to 700 MB videos. In addition, it has a cool feature that lets you record audio messages.

It also includes many cool emojis. It has several themes that are customizable and you can download hundreds of them.

It also has the ability to secure chats with a password. You can also make payments to friends and family.

You can also hide your online status with GBWhatsapp. This is a great feature to have when you aren’t in the same location as your friends.

SB Whatsapp

Besides the official WhatsApp, there are a lot of other mod versions of the app. These applications give you more advantages than the original version. But you should be careful about the source of your apk file. If you download it from unauthorized sources, your phone might be compromised by malware. Therefore, always look for a virus-free link.

GBWhatsApp is the best modified version of the original WhatsApp. The app has many features, including a video player that maintains the quality of videos. It also has an inbuilt WhatsApp locker. You can send large files and call people who are not on your contact list. The new feature added to WhatsApp allows you to record audio messages.

YOWhatsApp has some great features that make it different from the original version. The app includes free stickers and emojis. You can customize your chat screens and set a password to protect your conversations. You can also hide your last seen.

Fm Whatsapp

Basically, FMWhatsapp is a modified version of the popular mobile messaging application, WhatsApp. It has various useful features, but also comes with some security risks.

One of the major advantages of FMWhatsApp is the ability to read messages without being detected. This is done by the app’s feature that hides your last seen status. Moreover, you can also see deleted messages. In addition, you can block calls and create groups. You can also add up to 500 people to a group.

Another great feature is the option to change the colors of the app’s icons and wallpapers. The application also has an Emoji selector. You can choose from a variety of emojis, including those provided by companies like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, FMWhatsapp also offers a library of over 1,000 themes.

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