The Role Of Outpatient Treatment Programs For Drugs & Alcohol Addiction


Addiction is increasingly becoming a problem, as the dosage of prescription medication and/or the mixing of prescribed drugs with other substances, such as alcohol, is not monitored by a doctor as it would be if the person was an inpatient. Treatment is possible, but it can prove to be more difficult for an individual than when they remain within a treatment facility for a given period of time. That is because they are more vulnerable to falling back into older habits. The temptation may be right there in front of them, and they may not be ready to say no. Even so, many people do benefit from this type of treatment.

To help offset that change, many outpatient treatment programs for drugs and alcohol require a person to take medication daily. This type of medication will result in the person becoming physically ill should they consume something that they shouldn’t. The side effects are extremely harsh, and that has helped to cut down on people returning to their old habits early on with such an outpatient addiction treatment program.

Getting set up with a sponsor that they can call any time of the day or night is also very common. This gives the person someone that can talk to them, support them, and encourage them to make positive choices. In many instances, the sponsor will be someone that has been successful through such treatment themselves in the past. They have walked a mile in those shows, so what they can offer is beyond what friends and family members can often do in the way of support.

Meetings that take place several times a week are also part of outpatient addiction treatment programs. This can involve group sessions as well as individual sessions. The goal is to create an environment where a person feels they belong and that they can share their experiences. It also helps to reduce the amount of time they have to be involved with people that they used to consume drugs or alcohol. Approximately 15 hours per week will need to be committed to such meetings with outpatient addiction care.

For many individuals, the idea of outpatient addiction treatment is the only one that is possible for them. They may not be able to leave their job due to their financial obligations for any period of time. They also may have children that they need to care for. It is better to attempt treatment with an outpatient treatment program though than not at all. Having enough support around is vital to its success of it.

Not everyone is a good candidate to take part in such a program. After a full assessment, the decision can be made about what is available for that person. A person that is able to show they can go at least 72 hours between uses is a better candidate than someone using alcohol or drugs on a daily basis.

Outpatient treatment may be all a person can afford versus remaining within a treatment facility. It plays a big role in the decision that people and their families make regarding addiction treatment. Every effort continues to be made to offer a program for outpatient addiction that is going to work from the onset. As these programs get better, the success rates continue to climb, and that is very encouraging.

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